• Yup. Believe it or not, the driver that ships with XP (if you're using XP) is actually better. I've always found HP to be severely lacking in the software department. I've never had any luck with burners to printers (save the HP 930C, which oddly enough ships with decent software). None of the drivers have ever given trouble free performance. You might want to check HP's web site for an updated river. They do actually get around to resolving software issues, although not quickly. They DO like to remain pals with Bill Gates, so they tend to ship him the best updated driver for his newest OS for inclusion on MS's installation disks. Then they lag like hell in posting it on their web site. Here's the link to HP's newest drivers for that series printers.
  • I agree with Scubabob. Let XP search for the best driver for your HP. Less chance of any conflicts and definitely less chance you'll have any problems.

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