• That the idiot preacher from Kansas doing it is giving a bad name to preaching and to Kansas!
  • Once someone's dead they deserve the respect of the dead, no matter what. A dead body is like a baby in the sense that it can't defend itself, and should be cared for. No matter how horrible a person was in life, in death everyone is the same. You can talk about dead people and their despicable actions all you want, but leave the funeral, resting place, and body be. Under it all, we are all people and deserve a basic amount of respect.
  • I feel it is the wrong time to make a protest - ok, people may not agree with war, but to protest at a funeral when a family are burying someone - a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister - I cannot imagine how the rest of the family would feel at that point! Those family members left behind did not sign up for service in the forces, but they have to face the consequences. Having said that, I also cannot imagine what it would be like to say goodbye to a family member in a military funeral which has already been hi-jacked by the military. I just hope that I never have to face it...
  • Disgusted. Protesting any funeral is disgusting. But to disrespect the person who gave their life in defense of our freedoms is about as low as one can be. Someone has lost a son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister..let them grieve in peace and carry your stupid, protesting ass somewhere else. If you want to protest something..fine, that is your right...but I do not think you have the right nor should you even consider disrupting someone's funeral.
  • Horribly saddening for the family and loved ones of the brave and honorable fallen soldier...and heartlessly disgusting on the part of the protestors!
  • Enemy of the state!
  • Flat out disgusted.
  • Glad I wasn't there.
  • I feel anger towards the protesters and sadness for the families on their loss.
  • Glad that the nuts doing it belong to the Christian cult
  • Consider the source. Maybe the soldiers can return the favor one day and put them all in front of a firing squad
  • I feel that we're burying the wrong people.
  • I'd have waited quietly for the cerimony to be over and then I would have walked over to the protesters and started beating as many as I could until the police pulled me off of them.
  • Disgust and outraged..the protesters should be gathered up..loaded up on a plane and sent out of the country..the soldiers are doing their job and serving their country..if disrespect is shown at their funerals by protesters..the protesters should get their shit and get out. :)
  • Disgusted, outraged, and saddened. It is reminiscent of when soldiers came home from Viet Nam, and people showed no respect for them. If people have a problem with a war, they shouldn't be taking it out on those that have put their lives on the line to help their country.
  • My feelings and emotions are always mixed when I see this kind of behavior. I guess I mostly feel pity that anyone could be so mixed up and twisted in their views (religious, political, whatever...) that they feel the need to protest someone else's commitment to service of country and self sacrifice to protect the rights of the protesters. I suspect that idea has never crossed their minds. I find that very sad.
  • I'm thoroughly digusted with this "cult's" nonsense. What I find more disturbing is that it wasn't until they started protesting the funeral of soldiers, and not just known homosexuals, did they start passing laws to ban them from being within so many feet of a funeral. Either way, there is nothing at all "Christian" about Fred Phelps and his band of Phreaks. They are overly obsessed with their hate of homosexuals. If you go to YouTube and search for his church's name, his or his daughter's name, you will be shocked at the videos you can watch. It's sickening.
  • While I disagree with the reasons for those particular troops dying in the first place, I really don't get the whole protesting funeral thing. What do they think is gonna happen? The person is gonna get up out of the coffin and be all "Oh, wow, you raise some valid issues, I think I'll convert to your cult now. I was a fool to be a soldier."
  • Without knowing anything further, the protesters would, in effect, be a$$holes.
  • I feel sad and I think it takes a real arse to do such a thing.
  • I begin to wish that there really were a Jesus who'd come back pissed and kick Fred Phelps' butt. Can you all imagine the look on Phelps' face if the sky were to open and a guy with soft looks, a flowing beard wearing a robe came up to him and started driving him away with whips? PAHAHAHAHA.
  • That some people need to be restrained.
  • They should all be thrown in Jail
  • Confusion. I don't understand it.
  • I say its very disrespectfull. I really think Fred Phelps needs to be charged for some of his obessive hatefull ways.
  • I know it happens, and it really saddens me. I am totally against war, but i am for the troops. I see them as pawns of our government being screwed over left and right. The last thing theses poor people deserve is a disrupted burial.... Just knowing this happens makes my eyes water, so i'm going to move on.

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