• I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. As long as medical bills still pile up to take up space in their hospitals, why not save your family a few months/years of financial slavery.
  • Its a little more ethical than abortion because at least with it people do have to consent to die. On the other hand if it were made legal pressure for people to die who do not want to be a 'burden' would cause problems. I beleive humans should try to conserve life in others at all costs but on the other hand in exceptional circumstances I agree with euthanasia.
  • I think in extreme cases, where a person is in extreme pain and has no chance of recovery from an illness, that they should have that option available to them.
  • Those youths are the future of Asia
  • All depends on who's doing it to whom.
  • I feel that people should have a choice in their own health as long as they are fully informed and have the mental capacity to do so. However, what worries me is that if it were made legal it could be open to abuse, just like any other system, for example people may feel pressured into it, especially the elderly, or someone may feel that they are a burden to their family because they have a terminal illness. I know that there is an argument that some people may have long suffering because of a terminal illnes but When I trained as a nurse 20 years ago I did see people die very painful deaths because technology was not as it is today, although I no longer nurse because I am now a midwife I have a number of freinds who are palliative care nurses and I do know that palliative care is now very good and that people who are terminally ill can now die with dignity because end of life care is now much better . I watched my grandmother die from breast cancer and although it took her 6 months to die she died completely pain free and with dignity, the hospice nurses were excellent and very dedicated, they nursed her as if she was one of their own, everyday that she was alive were precious moments for her and us, and she would tell us this often. If euthanasia was made legal I would find it very difficult to take part in it as a healthcare professional because it goes against everything that I was taught as a nurse and as a midwife which is to cause no harm, sustain life and not take it, if I cannot sustain life then it would be my professional duty to ensure that the person is pain free and that they get the very best terminal care. I am not saying that it is wrong I am just giving my honest opinion on the subject, I feel that a lot of people fear the way they will die and because of this they want that final decision of when they go and how they go, another consideration would be that they are their family would be left with high medical bills where as in the UK where I live all medical treatment is free unless a person wants to go private.
  • I think that the "right to life" must include the right to death as well. Those people who mandate that people keep living beyond their time are just plain sick. Let someone die gracefully.
  • I see nothing wrong with helping someone die who genuinely wants to and is physically incapable of doing so.
  • I think it is the most humane way to put an animal down, but i couldn't see it happen personally - too soft hearted and love dogs too much
  • I think it is a kindness to make it available to someone who has zero quality of life, no hope that things will get better, and lives in constant agony. Would I have the courage to help out a loved one if asked? I don't know but I hope I would..just as I would hope if I were the one who asked, someone would love me enough to help me. :)
  • We do this for animals. We should it for humans as well. We have assisted suicide in Oregon. Though I never hear much about it. I am pleased it's available.
  • I've never been to that country............
  • I think it should be legal. Having a person suffer long term is not humanity. Dieing in peace is humanity. I have a living will signed and I do NOT want any measures on me at all so i am very set on this issue. Should I get that sick (and I will..eventually) just let me go peacefully. I have suffered enough.

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