• if this would help, try sending a pic or something from your phone to your email. in the email you will see who sent you the message. in the message you will have your phone's email address. just reply to your message and it will go through
  • It all depends on your mobile phone. Some can connect directly to the PC, some can connect directly to the internet and some can not do any of those.
  • depending on what software you have, it's not too hard. with something like picassa (google's free down-loadable picture program it will let you email photos, and if you can recieve email on the phone, set it as a contact, or you may be able to attach to a text message.
  • i want to send photo to my mobile online
  • it dipend on ur pocet n u r need only if u wana get it u can get it essyly
  • i am having an account.with the help of this account in i can easily send a photo from my system to a phone
  • Depends what kind of phone and what kind of service (carrier/company) you have. You may be able to send pictures to your phone using the wireless provider's website. Another way is to buy a USB kit for your specific phone. I did this a couple of years ago, it cost about 30 bucks, and now I can upload photos, homemade ringtones, and contact names/numbers into my phone from my computer.
  • depends on what kind of phone you've got
  • There are few ways to get those photos on your phone. (All depends what type of phone you have) 1, Display the photo on computer screen and take a snap shot of it. (Quality will be poor) 2, Compress the photos or resize them smaller then e-mail it to your phone.(if your phone can receive the photos via e-mails) (NOTE: Make sure you make a copy of your original photo and then resize the copy version) 3, Install the phone drivers on your computer. Connect it to the computer via usb cable. Computer will detect the phone automatically. Find a photos or Pictures folder on your phone. Start transferring the files in there. Make sure your cell phone is on during this process. Good Luck!
  • Its quite simple with a bluetooth enabled phone and laptop.
  • Yes, but only "X" rated, though. ;-)
  • There is a mobile application caused 'shozu' that allows you to upload and download pictures and videos on mobiles.

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