• I think so - you get that nice shot of endorphins and feel like you're flying high for a while. Also, many scientific studies have found that married people live longer than single people. There must be a reason for that.
  • Yes it does. There are many cases where a husband or wife has lost their partner and they lose the will to live and die soon after (not through suicide). When you are in love with someone nothing can really dampen your day, everything will be OK because you have eachother. Love is one of the gifts of life and should be enjoyed by everyone for peace and harmony.
  • Yes because it effects your emotions, although love is healthier than a broken heart. A broken heart gives you sleepless night, lack of appetite etc.... I wouldnt base my life on love, due to the fact that love is unstable, there is more to life than love, although loving someone is great but it does not control my body/mind/spirit. Nice question by the way.
  • Yes without a doubt..
  • yes i defiantly affects the mental health towards better..... physical may be ....because it gives you something to struggle for when your in bad health ...may be
  • Very much so.
  • Absolutely, I think its called Endorphins = Brain JOY! when its love, and Depression when it ends badly.
  • sure it does! you let down the wall of security and run the risk being hurt, but hopefully not
  • firstly i would like to clear that there are many typs of love,like love between mother & son,father & daughter,brother & sister,husband & wife.even between human and animal.this kind of love will not affect on the body.but some time love in teenage or in student will affect on mental or physical health sometimes.for example:person cannot concentreat on his work or study.mostly this can be happen when the person is more emotional or one sided love person gets crazy and can be affect on the physical health also.but other side of the love is so much important in humman being for the normal life and motivation as per the hierarchy rules of motivation.
  • It can bring you your highest heights and lowest can help heal with love or die of a broken heart....
  • Yep it definitely does =) Mentally, it can make you feel on top of the world, make you feel more secure, make you more confident and all sorts of great things like that if things are going well. This is cause apparently people in love have higher levels of dopamine in their system =) If things screw up tho, love can bring you down. Make you clinically depressed and take away all those great things and replace it with the opposite. Physically, love releases endorphins, which make you feel better, more active, and boosts you immune system. Also, needles to say, the physical side of it helps keep you fit and is good for your heart =)
  • Not if the emotional state called love is recognized for what it is and managed properly.
  • No question - absolutely!
  • Quote-- Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~Zora Neale Hurston
  • Well I subscribe to a theory that states how as human beings we are made up of mostly water... Sound, words, feelings and emotions can effect water at its freezing point to the extent where they effect the crystillzation process in a way that is either pleasing or repulsive depending on the kinds of influence that was introducte to it at the time. I believe that is enough proof for me at least, to believe that we are effected by things that are emotional in nature, on a physical level that is tangible and proven in the formations that come as a result of input.
  • Yes, not enough or the pain from losing it can kill people, and at the very least, make them ill or lose their vitality and health.
  • You jokin'?! Big-time! Alla that serotonin & norepinepherine resisting re-uptake, beating the crap outta those receptor cells instead! Best 'buzz' ever! ;-)
  • love is the most powerful emotion that we as human beings are capable of. It is also the most dangerous! the breakdown of a relationship can result in all sorts of physical and emotional problems, in females ;anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc. In males depression, anger, destructive behavior etc. So it would be my belief that Love has an adverse affect on both.
  • Absolutely. Think of the people in your life and the different emotional states. From being giddy and goofy to sleeping all the time - depending on their state of 'love'. Sometimes I wish it wouldn't when it's on the 'falling out of love' side of the fence and there's nothing anyone can seem to do to help.
  • Yes it does affect the human mind and body. Love, or affection, triggers a relese of horomones which alters the body's temperature, the mind's emotions, and other parts.
  • Absolutely YES.
  • Yes if you feel cared about then you feel better about your self!
  • i'm happier and more energetic since i met you

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