• 1. No one has ever insulted me except here in AB I know how to get back if necessary but generally ignore those people. I am still young but when aging I will follow my mother's policy "Age gracefully". 2. Can you handle the impact and after effects of violence better than you used to? Yes I am growing a thicker skin. 3. Do you have a greater/lesser understanding of men, art, etc.? I have a greater understanding specially in art, music and others, I have become a widow a few months ago so I will not answer the other issue. 4. Are you angrier now? No, I have become very indifferent.
  • Goodness me what a lot of questions. No I am LESS sensitive to insult now I am older, and realise beauty is ephemeral and skin deep. I can handle violence better and I have a greater understanding of everything... ! As a direct consequence of the foregoing, YES I am angrier now! (I refuse to put up with shit any more) And better able to express it. I am getting quite cantankerous in my middle age LOL!
  • Am I missing a link here or are these questions to be related somehow?
  • 1. Insult... no, Beauty... Yes. 2. Yes. I used to start it and finish it. Now I don't bother with it at all. 3. Men, I was raised around all men, I already understood them from a very young age. Art. yes... Art is an ever evolving situation. You have to grow into. 4. No, Im a lot less angrier now than I ever was in my life.
  • As I have aged, I have also developed a lot more patience than I had when I was younger. My Power of Ignore has gotten much stronger, and as a result I have gotten much mellower. Not much bothers me.
  • 1a. I am more sensitive to insult as I age 1b. I am less sensitive to beauty - I see my face aging but realise that beauty shines from within a person. 2. I rarely come across violence these days and as a result don't understand the need for it. I have always been anti-violence except in self defence. 3. Ha! I have a greater understanding of men, art and life in general every day that I get older! 4. No, I'm a lot more placid than I used to be and have more patience. I was never an angry person though.
  • 1. Are you more sensitive to insult and/or beauty as you age, or not? To insults, no. To beauty, yes. 2. Can you handle the impact and after effects of violence better than you used to? No. Still the same. 3. Do you have a greater/lesser understanding of men, art, etc.? Men? No. Not really. I've always had a moderate understanding, even when I was a child. Most of my friends were guys. Art, yes. Etcetera? I don't know what you mean by that. There are so many things I still don't understand. 4. Are you angrier now? Unfortunately, yes.
  • 1. I'm sensitive to insults to my beauty. 2. Yes I think I handle effects of violence better. 3. I have a greater understanding of men of course! 4. I am more bitter than what I was. But I don't call it angry ever..I call it being protective of me.
  • Am I more sensitive to insults about my beauty since I've aged? Do you mean looking older? Nah, when I was younger I thought that I would hate getting older, but I have found that healthiness is great for keeping one looking young. I know, it will eventually fade. I just chalk it up to inevitability. Can I handle the impacts and after effects of violence better than I used to? Hmm, if someone is violent towards me I am still going to have a serious issue with it, but I can say that I have a wider understanding of the psychological instability of people that commit violent acts. Do I have a greater/lesser understanding of men, art, etc? I would say that I have a greater understanding of men and art. Experience is an excellent teacher, and since I am only 34, I'm sure I have much more to learn about those two subjects. Am I angrier now? No, not at all. Quite the contrary actually. Since technically I am post menopausal, and all those hormones and PMS nightmares have been straightened out for me, I am much more calm and receptive to understanding the bigger picture. +5
  • 1) I'm more sensitive to both insult and beauty but react more to beauty and less to insult now. 2) Oh hell no! I wouldn't hesitate to shoot and put an end to some of the crap I've seen go down. 3) Oh hell yes! And all the "ohhh wail, there goes a fairy tale" drama went out the window as understanding slowly dawned. 4) I'm less aggressively angry, but if you ain't angry, you ain't payin' attention.

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