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  • Does this seem peaceful.
  • The problem is not ISLAM, it is organised religion. Except for buddhism I don't know of any major religion whose deed haven't been tainted with a long history of crimes and hatred. As for the current events in Gaza, well they attest to what I just said. Call it Judaism, Islam or Christianity, they are all the same.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "The problem is not ISLAM, it is organised religion." 100% CORRECT
  • sorry this should have been a comment. :-)
  • because in any religion there are fanatic fundamentalists who believe that infidels should be killed. islamic fundamentalists are very visible right now, but the problem is not islam, it's fundamentalism. christianity is supposed to be about peace but look at how many people have been killed in the name of christ.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "look at how many people have been killed in the name of christ." More than any other group in history
  • Although I am not convinced that Islam is really the religion of peace and harmony, I don't think it is fair to completely blame Islam for the terrorism in its name. I blame the terrorists for using their religion as an excuse to commit murder.
  • Because all too often, the last thing the victims hear before the bombs go off or the shooting starts is "ALLAHU AKHBAR."
  • It's because Islam is NOT "the Religion of Peace and Harmony among pple around".
      Orange: Why the red herring? Is your complaint about my answer that it correctly answers the question?
    • mugwort
      The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, law abiding people. Its the tiny minority of terrorists that give the religion a bad name . My question is why isn't there more and stronger condemnation of the terrorists that exists?
      Mugwort: I think that the terrorists DO get most of the condemnation. However, the **public perception** problem in the West is - I think - due to the very many cases of Islamist terrorist acts. That is to say: when an act of terrorism is carried out ***in the name of Islam*** or ***for the sake of supposed Islamic principles***. These acts seem to FAR OUTWEIGH the terrorist acts of others (by non-Muslims or for non-Muslim reasons) in the West in both frequency and death toll.
  • Radicalism is found in almost every culture/religion. The religion/culture may be fundamentally peaceful in its beliefs, but when politics get involved, agendas are created, and the good name of the peaceful groups is smeared. One example is Zionism. They claim to advocate the Jewish cause while actually using them as shields to justify their own existence.
  • It isn't. In fact Americans and Israelis have been involved in more terrorism and crime than anything else. People are starting to realise that there is no "global Islamic conspiracy" going on. That's the funny thing. There is either a "global Jewish conspiracy" or a "global Islamic conspiracy" going on. There cannot be both. But the diipshits that hate Muslims tend to be the same that hate Jews.

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