• As someone who has actually worked on the Norton product, I recommend you uninstall it. Sorry. That may or may not have anything to do with your virtual memory complaints.
  • When Peter Norton released his Norton Utilities (for DOS) many years ago, they became an instant hit among users. For years I kept up with the new versions. Peter Norton retired and sold the company to Symantec in 1990, and Windows replaced MS-DOS. IMO, the Norton-Symantec products became less & less useful and more frivolous, such as a GUI enhancement for Windows 3.x that ate up system resources with hidden processes. I don't remember what it was called, but my old 386 - 25MHz with 4MB memory got bogged down beyond my limits of tolerance. I haven't heard much positive about other Norton releases in the last couple of decades. Notable exception: Norton Commander, an excellent DOS file manager, ~1988. Many of the later Norton products share a reputation for being difficult to remove, similar to a virus. I wouldn't allow any of them on my PC.
  • I forgot to mention, Symantec has a corporate version of their antivirus that is much better than their Norton version. It's called SAV, "Symantec Anti-Virus." It works very well for me. I haven't tried their latest, SEP "Symantec Endpoint Protection": McAfee also has a corporate version of their antivirus software which is superior to their home user AV. I don't know where you would get these if you're not a corporation, but I'm sure there's a way.

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