• Tea tree oil is great for those who have extremely dry, cracked skin or eczema. It soothes and moisturizes your skin and relieves itching associated with dry skin.
  • Its a natural antiseptic which will help to soothe and heal spots, insect bites, minor cuts and the like. Don't use it in an attempt to moisturise dry skin as it can be drying, particularly in large amounts, and make skin sore. If you use it on rashes dilute with a carrier such as sweet almond oil.
  • Tea Tree Oil is amazing! I love it. It helps with almost everything. Wart, pimples, oily skin, sore thorats, sun burns, lice, ticks, cuts, muscle pain, ect, ect. I would suggest buying some. Get the oil not the lotion.
  • tea tree oil is really good for head lice, fungus issues and any skin ailment that i can think of
  • I know tea tree oil is good for fungus (toes and fingernails) hair for dandruff. and facial skin to dry up acne.

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