• check what out?
  • If that doesn't move you and if that doesn't make you wonder who is running the UN then you aren't worth the skin it took to make you. Now the question is, what can we do about it? Any suggestions? Here are some more that Michael posted:
  • There are several online sites that you can go to and set up your favorite cause for people to join in. I have a really hard time lately looking beyond my own family, some of whom have fallen on really hard times. Here is one of the best: Also try
  • Any 'Cause id be looking for i will return to this question, i dont have enough time right now
  • A worthy cause for animal lovers indeed! : )
  • I did not take the time to view all the videos, but i must say i am very skeptical of the filmmakers political agenda when i see these. I am not commenting on these films in particular and i hope to get to them soon, but i am not easily swayed by a film clip. Example: Having spent over two years of my recent life in the Middle East, i witnessed first hand the good the US Government was doing for the Iraqi people, but a 10 minute "Expose" on 60 minutes sure can make us look like bumbling idiots. I don't have a lot of room in my life for politics, it generally just ends up making me mad. Thanks for showing us this site, i will view the videos.
  • Nope. If I were looking for a cause, there are plenty of good ones out there. Signing a petition for the withdrawal of the Jews from the Gaza Strip would be one very worthy one for starters
  • * Highest human lead-levels in medical history / Permanent brain damage / 77 deaths. 50+ miscarriages, I'd say this was someone's twisted version of population control. Doctors warned the soldiers leaving here to wait 9 months before siring children!! I think ALL those responsible should be forced to live under the same conditions. I doubt a lesser punishment would be effective at preventing similiar recurrences. If this isn't enough, give them their own land/boundaries/protection, whatever it takes. News articles:                                     An intro to Paul Polansky & Roma's plight:,M1 A text version of his speech: His website, has a link to his book "UN-Leaded Blood".   It's a 33MB pdf, but VERY well worth the download! Sign the petition: Donations here: Roma-related articles:                                 
  • Sadly, my computer isn't capable of doing video. Any attempt to download that software ends in tears and weeks of debugging. Got a text or html page I can go to?
  • Wow...
  • This breaks my heart. "What a piece of work is man," indeed.
  • You know what I think is funny? Dumbass chick dancing in panties; views-574789236 Gypsies nobody gives a shit about dropping like flies; views-17 Lmao wow. Forgive the rather crude wording, but I'm nothing short of disgusted, and anyways it was my boyfriend's idea to start the answer like that. >_> So first they get sent to these camps, under the pretext that they'll be safe from the oppression from where they originally live, which no longer exists...with terrible conditions like, just about no water, and overflowing sceptic tanks empty juice boxes for supplies? Wtf? I can't believe this, AFTER being suggested that this place is unfit for humans to live, the UN actually encourages kids to play sports and inhale the air and all? So this is what I saw in some of the videos, and I have to say, this is the exact same level of magnitude that Gypsies and others suffered during the Holocaust. At least, I don't see much of a difference. Someone might suggest, why don't they just leave? That dude in Kosovo Part II said it himself; "We're the kind of people everyone wants to get rid of." Where are they gonna go? So, most likely it's too dangerous for them to try and find somewhere new, especially when no government wants to take responsibility for them. Not to mention how the UN might interfere. Dude isn't the UN supposed to help people? I mean fuck sakes, these are PEOPLE we're talking about, I wouldn't even bury a dead dog over there, let alone force people to live there and deny them absolutely everything; that's without even considering the fact that they put them on poisoned ground and want them to die. Maybe it's mentioned in one of the videos I didn't catch, but what do people have against the Roma anyway? Do they rape babies? Are they Satan? Somehow I doubt it, those Gypsies looked perfectly fine to me; ya know, aside from little four year old girls dying or being afflicted with brain damage. Six years in these camps and nobody's doing anything? I'm totally disgusted. I can't believe this sorta shit goes on today. Both God and the UN can kiss my ass. Of course, it's really easy to say all this nonsense if I don't try to do anything about it. Knowing is one thing, but despite what some believe about exaggeration and political agendas, I don't think this is faked, this stuff goes on for real, and more people know than we imagine. The problem is nobody seems to do anything, and those who try don't get much success. My dad was constantly telling me about this sort of thing, and made me read magazine articles and so forth about inhumane injustices done in these countries, so I don't have a problem believing this at all. But that this isn't something of the past, that it's going RIGHT NOW as I'm typing this on my lead free computer and that nobody is doing anything about it, any less the people who's job it IS to do something about it, is really discouraging. How can you possibly look at those little kids having fun on that nasty old mattress and at least not shed one tear? So what can we do for said cause? It's no problem for me, I'll spread this everywhere I go online, or put it in my profile, if at least for the sole sake of sensibility and getting it out in the open.
  • To Arisztid: A while back I suggested you post a petition on the Internet to collect signatures regarding the laws against the Rromani people. You told me it was already online but I have not been able to find it, all I wanted was to send it to other people who I know will sign said petition. You also told me that you had very good Rromani lawyers who could help you to take the case to courts, have they helped in any way shape or form? What is the Rroma community doing about led poisoning issue? Has anyone contacted Mr. Paul Polansky not to obtain papers because he can not provide them but he can provide detailed information on cases, lab results and names of those involved in so many lies and carelessness? Who were the NATO and UN high authorities that were/are involved? Has anyone contacted the European Human Rights Committee assigned to these terrible cases? They have all the necessary papers. The contact for Mr. Paul Polansky is in this link: The European Human Rights web page is in this link: If something is NOT WELL done by the Rromani people then there will be not a solution to this extermination, you once told me that unity is not one of the strengths in your people because they all belong to different clans/groups but someone must be able to call them to order. If they are like the community is Peru which is very large, prosperous and very united then it should be possible to get them to act as a human group. If the above is not done, posting these videos and informing the AB community is not going to help as many don't believe the videos, others don't care and those who do care are few. For your information: The natives of La Oroya Peru have risen against Doe Run and are making their lives miserable and setting fire to all they can, thus the government is now taking action on this matter and have evacuated most residents to other areas that are led free. A group of Peruvian Human Rights lawyers have presented the case before the Human Rights Committee for Latin America and against Ira Rennert demanding him to pay for new homes and land for those affected by his poisonous business plus the removal of his business from the country or to take the necessary measures to eliminate such poisonous emissions under International Supervision. The case is advancing and it is sure they will get what they are due, but the general population has also helped with marches and manifestations before parliament and the equivalent of the White House but they are acting they are doing something about it and taking the necessary actions to obtain justice no matter who belongs to what clan/group or other. Regards.
  • Wow, thks for letting me see that.
  • don't even know what to say about this except for yes, this is indeed more important

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