• My old Akita used to do that. She's like "Come on daddy. This is ridiculous."
  • No! my dogs are 2 busy looking thru my backyard glass door 2 see when im going 2 feed them.I feed them 3 times a day & you know how greedy dogs are like.
  • Definitely, in high school my dog would effectively put me to bed if I stayed up rather late goofing off. If I were on the computer or playing a game, she would jump on me and basically incapacitate my arms. If I were watching TV, she'd manage to stand on my desk between me and my TV until I turned it off. It was really quite hilarious, you can't get mad at such comedy.
  • When they were young & I had to stay up late, they ALWAYS did this. If I did't take the hint soon enough, I would end up becoming the bed! They are elderly now & sleep alot more, so it's hardly ever a factor.
  • My cat loves to lie in bed with me, the moment I am un-making the bed he starts to pace around the perimeter of the mattress, so the moment I get in he's there. But on the nights when I am late to sleep, sometimes he'll come out and stand in front of me, cry a loud meow, then walk a few feet in the direction of the bedroom and meow again. He'll keep doing this untill I follow him to the room. And If I ignore him, he'll keep repeating the behavior till I give him what he wants.
  • My dog just goes in my room and jumps on the bed whenever he wants to, he doesn't care if I'm there or not. He only sleeps in one place for an hour or so at a time, and he rotates between the recliner chair next to mine, his own bed on the enclosed patio, the hallway, and my bed.
  • No lol, my cats go to sleep whenever they feel like it, usually in the day, and all over the place. On top of the couch, or out in the backyard when it's nice out.
  • Yes the dogs goes upstairs and opens the bedroom door comes back down and sits looking at you..
  • Our cat will let us stay up as long as we like, but she insists we get up in the morning and tend to her needs. She'll make all sorts of funny noises and if that doesn't do the trick, she'll jump up on the bed and gently tap us on the cheek with a paw. There is ABSOLUTELY no way to sleep through her antics. So that enforces a reasonable bedtime because we know when we have to get up.
  • One of my cats will get up and go to bed without me if I stay up too late. Guess it's her way of letting me know she's smarter than me.
  • Hello, Fire! Yes, my little "Ebby" will definitely let us know when it's bedtime (she gets very cranky and doesn't want to be touched)! Her sleeping spot is at the end of the couch, and if someone is sitting there at "bedtime", she will sit at their feet and whine until they get up and let her lay down. She is something else!
  • FOR SURE she does!!!! Just like an alarm clock. funny!
  • no, they just sneak off by themselves, and find the most comfy bed they can !! :)
  • Yep, the current dog yelps, whines, and cries.
  • When I was a kid, my cat used to sit outside the bathroom door, waiting for me to finish washing up and go to bed. If I took longer than usual, she would get all worried and "cry", and paw at the door. When I came out and went to my bedroom, she would follow me and jump on my bed just as I got in. She always slept at the foot of my bed, all curled up and comfy.
  • He tells me and becomes jealous of the keyboard ;0)
  • Absolutely! The damn mutt turns off the TV and all the lights in the house and drags me to my bed kicking and screaming
  • My younger cat does. He'll sometimes climb up into my lap so that I will log off the computer and get ready for bed.
  • LOL, not when it is time to GO to bed, but they sure let me know when it is time to get OUT of bed. It starts about 3:00AM. Then 15-20 min later they decide, okay, you can sleep now. Then again about 6:00AM they have decided I should get up. When I don't then, well 7:00AM is time, and that IS when I give them their can of food (even though they had dry BOTH times they thought they should wake me-lol) The earlier times they WAKE me is because THEY are up and want me to pet them, play with them, etc., they really don't care I have to get up in a couple of hours. lol
  • Yes, and if I'm on answerbag too long, she will turn the computer off.
  • The younger two cats spend most of their time with each other. The older one is on and off cuddly. So no. Our ducks, however, know just what time everything is supposed to happen. And get very cranky when things don't follow schedule.

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