• Toshiba Satellite.
  • Acer TravelMate 430 - check out a review site, its great for gaming
  • You want processor speed, loads of RAM, a blistering fast WIFI connection and big screen if you're going to use it for gaming. I'm pleased as punch with my Toshiba.
  • A fast one. As long as it doesn't use a Vista system I imagine you'll be fine.
  • That depends mostly on what you mean by games. If the games are games that do not require high-end graphics, then any laptop can suffice, even value laptops (as low as $400 USD in some cases). However, if you're looking for something that can handle high-end graphics, then you'll want to look for a desktop replacement or gaming laptop. These will have faster processors, bigger hard drives, sometimes contain nice graphics cards, have top of the line LCD displays, and will likely run somewhere between $1300 to $2000 USD. But before you start looking at laptops, maybe you should consider how big you want the LCD display to be. I'd recommend getting either a 15.4" (39.1 cm) or 17" (43.2 cm) display. Getting something smaller than 15.4" is too small; but, if it's much larger than 17", the laptop becomes bulky to carry around. (Remember that the laptop size will be affected by the size of the display.) If you let me know whether this will be used for games with high-end graphics (or not), then I can give you better information.
  • Fast CPU, tons of RAM (m/b & video card) and a large monitor.

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