• I think the concept of convenience got way out of hand and pushed this aside for some, but it will still be waiting there should it (hopefully) be decided that it is worth its reward.
  • I don't know my friend, but a lot of people out there these days don't know the word "honor". A handshake doesn't mean anything anymore, fathers (and mothers) are losing their sense of responsibility to their families, spouses are cheating on one another, children do not respect their parents or other elders anymore, many men are no longer "gentlemen" and many women are no longer "ladies", etc. It's sad. I am a pessimist when it comes to the future of our society. :(
  • Not really a student of history but not sure I accept your premise that now is a whole lot worse than many previous times. Humans - being what they are I would tend to think ones perceptation can cloud ones viewpoint and that the morals and values stay more constant than some think - always be good and bad, sinner and angels; who's on the top of the pack; who is in the headlines this week may leave some woundering if there has ever been a time this bad. +4 just because it's the right thing to do.
  • It was murdered by Dishonesty, Selfishness, Cowardice, Laziness and Greed. Oh, and I almost forgot.... they were all working for Stupidity.
  • Honor went the way of self-reliance and accountability. It gets in the way of being a bleeding heart socialite.
  • Instead of looking up to the virtuous, those looked up to today are unrepentant thugs. Women don't want the nice guy any longer, they want to be out having fun with the bad boy.
  • It got moldy so we tossed it out : )
  • people with honor are less likely to for example have sex on the first date, use drugs, take advantage of girls in a moment of weakness, ect... with more of honorable people haveing less sex and thus less children they are less likely to pass on the mentality. with less noble parents children will follow the example of the prents and honor i guess has been slowly breed out of modern society.
  • I'll approach this question from the back door. What did we have before we had capitalism? We had feudalism. What binds society together under capitalism? Contracts, and The Almighty Dollar™. What bound society together under feudalism? Oaths, and Honor.
  • It went to marriage. Couple gets married. They go to the honeymoon hotel. She offers her honor. He honors her offer. And all night long, it was honor and offer.
  • Greed won, now honor is a rare thing.
  • It went down the sewer along with morals, honesty, truth, right and wrong, accountability
  • Honor demands that we monitor ourselves; legality requires merely that we avoid detection. That's a key difference. A society where citizens monitor themselves needs fewer laws and fewer police than a society where citizens need others to monitor them. Too much honor is as dangerous (the mafia killings for honor) as not having any honor. Too little of something can be as harmful as too much. Everything should be balanced.
  • It and valor took a walk and never were seen again?

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