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  • That is a tough one. It sounds like there are problems (obviously) in the guy's marriage. Apparently he can't or doesn't want to deal with them by working it out with his wife. He has gone outside the marriage to fill his needs instead. He has chosen to try and get what he is looking for outside the marriage (sex, excitement, the feeling of being wanted, is hard to say) It sounds like the guy does love his wife but is being selfish and completely handling things the wrong way. You should tell him that running around with another woman is not going to fix anything in his life, that what he is getting is, AT MOST, temporary...And, that if his wife finds out, she will most likely leave him and there will be no wife or marriage. He has hurt the person he claims to love more than anyone, because she is his wife...A smart man would stop what he is doing, grab his wife, and head to counselling to try and work out their problems...

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