• I would leave the room. I can't handle that kind of mass mental dysfunction.
  • If that is how you believe..that's how you believe. However I would not ever disrespect my family like that..You can say Thanks to your Mother Father Sisters Brothers..that you have Food to live and water to drink. and you don't have to wait for it to rain to take a bath. I think we can all be Thankful we don't have to live like that...but many many people do. I am not atheist..but you have to believe that:)
  • I would stand up and make a scene, disgusted that they had been hiding their religion from me for so long. Then storm out dramatically. This would amuse me for months. Either that, or just ask simple questions, like "what's a prayer?" etc
  • I would say 'thank you for the honor, but I do not feel up to doing so. Please pick another'
  • It's very easy to say a simple, heartfelt word of hope and thanks (even if only to chance) without having to bring religion into it. Though, I don't see any reason that one should keep their views away from their family members. Where is the communication in this world today?
  • Say the prayer. My husband is an agnostic and has identified himself as such, at least to me, for most of our marriage. You are not likely to do or say anything to change his mind and I can guarentee he has no desire to change anybody elses mind.
  • Do what I always do: stand up and walk out of the room
  • I would politely decline. I'm not ashamed, and most of my family knows I'm an atheist, but the dinner table it not the place for such a discussion.
  • I would refuse without making too much of a fuss. I'm typically kind of shy so this would not be difficult. I also get the feeling that my family tries to avoid the topic of religion around me precisely because they don't want to hear my thoughts on the subject and so continue to assume my beliefs are they same as theirs. I indulge them in this regard but I'm not about to lie. I'm certainly not going to fake a prayer, which would be demeaning to everyone involved. I would probably suggest another family member who would do a far better job and not mention the reason why. Anyone who's been paying attention could probably guess and the rest will ignore it, and peace is maintained. My sibling tends to get the prayer entirely wrong so that he won't be asked again. I'm too polite for that, but I do find it very entertaining. :D
  • I'd do it. But I wouldn't take it too seriously, so they probably wouldn't ask me again. I mean, the last time my family (who think I'm just searching for myself, or something like that) asked me to pray at the dinner table I just went "God save the Queen!" and they haven't asked me to do it again.
  • hahahha well I have actually had this happen to me! It's sometimes funny how people assume just because they are something or believe in something that everyone feels or thinks the same. I actually admitted I was an atheist and declined to say prayer. I have on occasion instead of prayer said a few words as far as being thankful for good food and good friends etc at a dinner gathering but this was only as a speech and not a prayer offered up to a deity. I see nothing wrong with declining to pray or say grace. I am proud of my beliefs and do not feel as if I should cower or feel awkward for what I believe. If they don't like it, then don't invite me to dinner again.
  • Most of the time, the world ain't about "me". Seeing that I'm just one among very many, I don't often, if ever, *insist* that my views are 'correct' or adapted by others. If someone needs to believe in a religion, I think it somehow cruel to make a debate out of it before a nice dinner. So, to answer your question, I know lotsa prayers and would say whichever one they would choose! ;-)
  • I'd do it... i know some christian table prayers. If you don't believe in ANY god, there's no one to be offended if you pretend to have a faith. I hate it when atheists care so much about god... spending so much effort NOT to believe in him... That's not better than believing in him in the first place.
  • I would politely decline, I really don't know any prayers. Unless "good food, good meat, good God lets eat!" counts.
  • well it's as good a time as any to come out of the non-gay closet... people shouldn't be ashamed of opting for sanity. your family should respect your dis-beliefs and strive to be a little more secular when you're concerned

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