• i understand how you feel. i grew up in a very messed up family. it is possible to change, but it takes time. i'm 34 years old and i feel i'm just now beginning to become a normal person. i had no social skills, luckly my best friend (who i met when i was 25) taught me much, including social skills. reading about people helpped too; and watching people and how they interact with one another. the best of luck, just believe in yourself.
  • I, too, come from a dysfunctional family - both parents were hardly around and made very clear that we were not a priority, which threw us into the care of an abusive second family, who treated me, my brother, and little sister as if we were a burden. As adults all three of us have bad complexes, one of them being bad social skills. I believe work has helped me as I am forced into a social setting everyday. I still feel that meeting new people can be emotionally exhausting. Some people are great with speaking to new people and find it exciting; whereas, I find it to be a chore and something I must do to help me with my social skills. I find that complimenting one person every morning helps me open up.
  • I have the same problem. It's interesting to see there are others. I'm still struggling though.
  • Of course it's possible! You may not become the prom king, but you can learn social skills. Find a good behavioral therapist.
  • Totally possible, take some classes (such as an art class or cooking class) and mingle with your fellow classmates. Join a club or group, perhaps. Join networking sites to reach out to new groups of people. Many different options. :)
  • Sure it is. You just have to take action. Try for one day to say hello to everyone you pass by or are near. Or start out by making eye contact and smiling. You'd be surprised at how many people will smile back.

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