• Neither is "better" than the other,it comes down to personal preference, and speaking with owners of each breed to make a choice. There has been some confusion between the breeds, the Shih Tzu has both the Lhasa and Pekinese in its make-up. The long dense coat requires time and attention in both
  • Personal preference, no one breed of dog is better than another . it is how you feel about the breed and ultimately the puppy you choose
  • A shih tzu does not shed, has a fantastic sense of humour, never grown old (always puppy like), extremely friendly, short so can't jump up on furniture unless invited and boosted up. This is such a great little dog. I've had a miniature poodle, sled dogs, a britany spaniel and a lab. The shih tzu is not a working dog and of all the non working breeds I have known, it's the absolute best companion dog for all ages.
  • I recently adopted a Lhasa whose owner was killed in a traffic accident. My reading on this breed confirms my observations: she is intelligent, fearless, sometimes demanding, very affectionate, requires frequent grooming, and enjoys daily walks with other dogs (off-leash, as we do it). Lhasas were bred as indoor watchdogs for Tibetan monasteries and are sensitive to any sounds that seem out-of-the-ordinary; "Billie" barks quite a bit and sets the other dogs off. Lhasas are also protective of their loved ones, and will try to present a ferocious front to strangers - but quickly succumb to kind words and petting. I love my little dog (my first purebred - I'm a mutt person) but you should do some reading and decide which breed is best for you.
  • I would never say that one breed is 'better' than another, it just comes down to which is better suited for you.
  • Depends what you are looking for and what you want in a pet. Which do you think looks cuter or which one will need more attention or grooming? You may decide to pick the one you find or can afford.
  • I have a mix of both breeds and he's wonderful - puppy looking ( 3 yrs old ) and cute. Excellent watch dog with very sharp cat=like teeth. He's wonderful --- a huge dog in a 10# body
  • It depends what you are looking for in a dog. I have two lhasa apsos,they are fabulous dogs, but you have to be prepared to put time in grooming them every day. I would always want this breed of dog around me.
  • Why not get a shih apso, which is a cross between the two breeds. I have one and he is absolutely a joy. Adorable , funny, smart, loving, just a great little pet! He does not shed, he practically trained himself, he's very friendly, yet a great watchdog. I love him! Of course, he needs to go to the groomer like every 6 weeks and i keep him clipped with the teddy bear face, and long tail hair.
  • they do taste better.
  • Lhasa's are often more aloof than shih-tzu's, choosing to ignore their master unless properly trained. THey are independent dogs, in other words. They can also be quite grouchy, especially with strangers. This might actually be a selling point for potential buyers. Shih-tzu's, conversely, are ever puppy-like in quality. THey are playful, moderately intelligent, and very willing to please. They are easily housebroken. Both dogs require heavy grooming. Not a plus for most buyers. +5
  • 7-31-2017 Well, at least you don't have to listen to wags making jokes about breeding bulldogs and lhasa apsos!

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