• Broken hearts!
  • Marriage!!!!!!!!
  • We tend to become blind to the incompatibilities between us and the person we are in love with. Then, when we are in a relationship with them, these incompatibilities become apparent, and the relationship suffers. Love is a very poor way of selecting a partner for life. This is why I believe that under some circumstances an arranged marriage can be more successful, but that is another story. :)
  • the recovery process is pretty painful when it fails as it too often dose. but inside it: compromise, strain on friendships, financial compromises, a feeling of inadacuisy when you desire to give her the world but can barly afford rent...
  • In order to love you have to open yourself to being hurt again.
  • The love leads to nervous diseases if so it is serious to it to concern
  • Risk...the risk of hurting someone like no one else can hurt that person and the risk of being hurt by that person in a way that no one else can hurt you
  • Obsession,and the evils that flow from it.Love is godly,humans f*ck it up
  • The readiness to forgo and sacrifice.
  • a broken heart.
  • love in different ways brings different negatives. the love i have for my s/o brought with it the fear of losing this love, jealousy and personal peservation. the birth of my son brought a total balance of utter dread for if anything happens along with total love and pride.
  • Love towards someone who doesn't know yet:- Unable to sleep at night Constant focus on what happens and what you do Constantly reviewing all the stupid and bad stuff you did that you believe would make it a 50/50 chance of getting them. Worrying Trying to understand what they could be thinking about you Illness - if it lasts long enough or nervousness increases Love when your both in love:- Finding out what you have in common Agreeing and disagreeing Making Decisions Arguments Getting upset and hurt Falling out breaking up So for me when i love someone its because i'm aware of all these things and i know i'd be able to avoid most of them if i was to be with this person. So if i love someone they're the rare fish in my eyes and also very lucky!! :)
  • It depends. Sometimes people get so caught up in their love for another person that they can't get anything done, and are lacking in other parts of their lives because of this love. Again, this does not happen to everyone but some people let Love bring other negative consequences into their lives through their obsessions with the person they are in love with.
  • Broken hearts, I've had friends not talk to me anymore when they have a boyfriend or girlfriend so that, arguments, not admitting something's wrong when it is, there's a lot of things just depends on the relationship
  • Loss. Unbearable sadness.
  • I haven't found any negatives to real love of any kind, love that is nurtured and tended by two people.
  • weakness.
  • Jealousy.
  • well falling in love: not working while at work. not getting to sleep
  • Heartbreak

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