• Because she may value her self sufficiency and independence.
  • John John, I have been missing you. You are that knight in shining armour on the white horse that every woman is looking for deep down inside. Most women are looking for a "father figure". You gotta drop the word "girl", it's not a well accepted term by females.
  • I can't explain it at all. You can't explain it at all. She can't explain it at all. No one here can explain it at all. And you are the one who said "woman." Don't you know what "woman" means?
  • Well is breathing important? Being smothered by a mans love can be a negative sometimes. We all need our individual space. Love her BUNCHES but give her room to breath. I truely do love the protective nature of a man. Shows me he really loves me. But I need to play apart in "my life" making plans for "her" and "us" needs to include the woman too. blah blah blah hu? Great Question and I could go on and on....
  • Some people would consider this smothering them. Go slow, until you discover just how your girl wants to be treated. Too much attention will drive her away. Go slow.
  • I think most women now would rather you see them as independent and strong rather than things that need 'protecting'. Most dont need this at all.
  • I do not have a problem with a protective nature depending on how it came across. But do not going making plans for me wihtout asking me first, I am not a child. Its called being 'partners' for a reason.
  • The wording of your question brings the answer to it. "HIS girl," well, she isn't HIS. She belongs to herself. Now, my husband was every bit a gentleman, opening doors, seating me, etc. all the way through our marriage. I had zero problem with this. I did have a problem with him when he felt that he had to "protect" me to the point of denying me the decision for myself. You simply can not take care of another adult in "every way" without having a dysfunctional, codependent relationship.
  • 1) I assume that the "woman" in your question is it the same person as the "girl"? Or is it the mother of the "girl"? 2) The normal use of terms like "his girl" in the sense of "his wife" means a two directions relationship. If she is your wife, you are her husband. This type of relationship does not, and in my opinion should not, imply the idea of possession. You don't possess her and she cannot be possessed, like an object or a slave. Most people would not like that. But even if it is not the case, some people just don't want to be taken care of too much, they appreciate some independence and to make their own decisions.
  • You might come across as controlling.
  • would you train my bf?oh, and it doesn't bother me at all to be called a girl.
  • Funny thing is, most boyfriends I had dropped me said I needed "too much looking after" because I was awkward in social situations and not very good at housework. I never really trusted that a guy would look after me and either had to miss out on things or do them myself. These same guys expected me to look after them so it is now easy to see why they didn't want to be protective towards me. I just didn't expect to be deserted in the middle of a club while he was off talking to mates or to have to do all the chores while he didn't help. I think it's important for each partner to be able to make some decisions on their own or at least consult with each other but it's lovely to see a guy who wants to be protective.
  • I see nothing wrong with a protective man. Nothing crazy, but always looking out for his girl. But if you're just starting out in the relationship, a woman might want to feel like she doesn't need a man to protect her. She can take care of herself. And it really depends on how the man is protective. Do you mean protective from other men's prying eyes or protective "please be careful on you way to the store at night"?
  • I think it just depends on the woman. I personally love it when a man makes me feel safe. To me it is a part of caring.

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