• YES....wait...NO.
  • yes I really can't wait for it to get over though. The hustle and bustle.....and the pushy people, cranky is fun to start but then I am ready to end it before too long.
  • I don't know. Who's "Excited" and what does she look like?
  • Yep, I have been for the last 3 weeks. Can't wait, kids, toys, not enough batteries, great food, family, teasing and kidding each other, instruction books to ignore, the tree falling over on the 3 year old and the cat, wrapping paper to get rid of, wrapping paper to dig through to find lost instructions, paper plates buckling in the middle and dripping on the dog, everyone feeding the dog under the table, the dog hacking up a lung on my cousin's shoe, watching poo squirt out the top of the baby's diaper because uncle Jim thought it was cool to let him have egg nog, I love this time of year. Merry Christmas to all of you.
  • I get excited over just about anything.... Christmas too.
  • Not really, not enough $$ to have a decent Christmas for the family. But we'll manage.
  • i honestly can't believe that it's so close!
  • My excitement has just finished as I am just getting back from delivering all the gifts I bought. I did it today as I know many will be going out tomorrow and during Christmas will be spending time with their families. I even made my way up to the homeless mission to drop off some money to help by the Christmas dinner for so many who have lost so much. Under the tree that was once filled with pretty wrapped packages are now where they should be, awaiting Christmas morning.
  • If Christmas is a red head, then hell yes. =P
  • I'm excited about the fact that in 36 hours it will be ALL OVER!!! I needn't be bothered with it for a whole 'nother year!!!!
  • yep! i do every year. :)
  • I'm excited for my children. Christmas is a truly magical and beautiful experience when you have children to share it with. Their excitement and happiness is totally infectious. This will also be my husbands first Christmas in Australia so my family and I are looking forward to showing him how we Australians do things. It's extra special because two of his sisters and one of his brothers flew out from Oregon to be with us. There are 19 sleeping souls in my parents house right now!
  • Heck yeah

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