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  • It would certainly cut down the number of men willing to help you.
  • If you are trying for a baby you should stop smoking at least two months prior to conception, this is because of the health risks that are involved to you and your baby. Once you are pregnant you should absolutely stop smoking, smoking while pregnant has been shown to cause birth defects and some studies have shown a link between smoking and a higher risk of miscarriage. Getting back to your question, smoking can affect female fertility in several ways. Smoking could affect the way that the hormone estrogen is released, some studies suggest that smoking reduces the amount of estrogen that is produced by a womans body. Smoking may also cause a decrease of blood flow to the genital organs, it may also contribute to the destruction of eggs while they are still in the ovaries and before they reach maturity, this will result in a lower egg count. Smoking can also lead to disease of the fallopian tubes. Eggs are also more prone to genetic problems because of smoking, it may also affect the ability of an embryo to implant in the uterus.

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