• lol. sometimes yes, even if the answer is "wrong" I guess I just like to piss a few of them off.
  • you don't have to answer questions around here to get DRd.. if you get the point. I don't answer them just to piss people off but some people seem to enjoy just DRing no matter what. I could say that all trolls are the best people in the world and i would piss off one of them and they would DR me.. you can't win. Seems that most of the trolls are newer ones (-1, -2) and they seem to love to attack the higher level ABers.
  • I must confess to adding my own brand of annoyances to trolls. Mostly, I like disarming them.
  • Turning off my ratings ages ago leaves me delightfully oblivious to any mischief the little buggers are getting up to on my account;)
  • yeah! even though it is looked down upon
  • No. I see no reason to bother people on purpose. That's just allowing them to make me react as they want, giving them control over my behavior. I choose how I act, not them. So I ignore them. Troll only want one thing, attention, attention of any kind.
  • I don't have to disturb a DR'ing troll. Such creatures are already disturbed, so why bother? :)
  • I don't do it on purpose, but I do seem to cop a lot of them. It's an annoyance, but not a major one. I don't give many downratings - but I tend to get called a troll here and there because I'm not all sweetness and light to everyone, and call people out when they, for example, don't actually answer the question.
  • LOL YES! definitely. if i'm bored.
  • Now why would I do that?????
  • I recently did unintentionally. I answered a question about my cats and a bunch of cat-hater-trolls (which I didn't even know existed) came from out of nowhere and DR'ed me. It just goes to show that you never really know where the landmines are in this place.

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