• Not that I've ever heard of. Betas are supposed to be good in community tanks--as long as there's only one of them in there.
  • No, but they are aggressive.
  • Bettas are not poisonous, but you can only have one male to a community. They will fight each other to the death otherwise. I'm curious. For all of my life I've known these by the common name of Siamese Fighting Fish. When did they become Chinese?
  • no but they're cranky little suckers
  • Doesn't matter, I don't eat them. Do you? I would think they are not very filling.
  • No, they are not at all poisonous. Here is an article I wrote about keeping them as desktop pets: I hope it is helpful to you. I have kept females successfully in community tanks. Males don't tend to fare well because their long flowing fins make them a target for other fish to nip and nibble. They really are not all that aggressive with fish other than other male betas. They tend to get picked on and beat up quite a bit. Hope this helps! :) Suzanne

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