• It depends on the level..I don't like excruciating pain, so if it were at that level I'd seek something to relieve it. But anything from mild discomfort to moderate pain I handle either by ignoring it ( hoping it will go away) or take over-the-counter tylenol or something like that. I am not a pilltaker so I try to avoid popping 'em for every little ache. :)
  • By all possible ways!
  • With drugs when meditation don't work.
  • Generally I just suck it up (live with it) but if I think aspirin will help I'll do that.
  • Tylenol and whining.
  • I use herbal solutions only, such as Doggie Pain Relief (which is not just for dogs, as the name would suggest) and Adizone, or for headaches, aromatherapy oils such as Head Soothe and Mega Headache. I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen, so have to be careful what I take, but I'm against chemical-based medicines anyway, so would always look for a natural alternative.
  • Mainly I just endure it.
  • No meds for me unless the pain is unbearable or perscribed by a doc for recovery. I notice the pain, acknowledge it, then ignore it. It usually works. :)
  • some good company.
  • Most of the time, over the counter.
  • I rather use herbs,, but sometimes, drugs are needed !!
  • When 'one of those' infamous headaches strike - then its time to pop the drugs like M&M's..! Generally a couple of Nurofen+, some paracetamol tabs and a quiet spot in a dark room works for me.
  • Aspirin, if it gets really bad, I will get some pain pills.
  • right now I am on morphine, hydromorphone and celebrex.....a pretty effective combination for me....but I am post surgery now and being withdrawn from all drugs gradually...They don't want me to suddenly stop.
  • Treatment of pain depends upon the nature of pain like body pain, menstrual pain,post surgical pain etc.Use of drugs is part of pain treatment.Drugs are used in pain management based on severity of pain. So no thumb rule in pain management
  • I was stricken a year and a half ago with an undiagnosed blood disorder which brought on my 4th miscarriage and polyneuropathy. I nearly bled to death and for the first few months was unable to walk without assistance or have the full use of my hands. The pain was unbelievable. Nothing like I had ever expereinced beofre, nor would ever want to. Instead of turning to drugs, which for me, offers a false sense of security as it only masks the problem, it doesn't fix it, I turned to alternative methods. I meditated daily, did breathing exercises, visualization, color therapy and energy tapping. I also re-evaluated my foods, as I believe it can be your medicine or your drug depending on your relationship to it. Slowly, I became more strong; walking on my own, being able to dress myself, etc. If you believe you can do can do it! It is not easy, it is challenging, but, with a positive attitude you can accomplish so much! Warmly, T.L.
  • medication and plenty of rest
  • I have a rare nerve disease, which is very painful..I get the best pain killers from my doctor. Have three different kinds. Grade 1 grade 2 and grade 3 for the least amount of pain.. Grade 1 for severe pain, every day need to take them. I do not get high, dizzy, or anything else, they just help my pain. They do not affect me in any other way..
  • I deally I can fix the problem so I don't have to take drugs. I try to deal with the pain through meditative techniques before I take painkillers. Drugs only as a last resort.
  • Make it simple for myself just kill myself or just smack myself in another part of my body so that my brain senses that pain instead of the original pain!
  • I try to not used drugs wherever possible. I usually ignore it if it isn't up to a certain point.
  • I have assorted pains mainly in my joints. I have had numerous operations and have knee replacements. One knee was replaced 4 times (botched surgery and lawsuit) regardless I have pain - from morphine to gabapentin - I have gone the full route seeking relief. ICE works the fastess and last with no side effect. I have a form pouch that connects to a small bucket that has a pump inside (medical supply item) Throw out the heating pad and just use ice. I find after the shock of the initial cold - a 20 min. treatment last for hours
  • I try to be away from drugs. But if the pain is severe, then ....
  • i take stuff like turmeric, at least this way it dont upset my stomach
  • 10-2-2017 Calcium pills work wonders!

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