• Can't answer the question, but this practice was once known as Mexican Overdrive, ok, go ahead and shoot the messenger.
  • haha my boyfriend did this all the time until he got his manual car. he said that it saved him gas. i dont think it matters.
  • I read a book once that was called something like "How to Reduce Engine Wear and Gas Consumption" which said that when you're at a long stoplight, you should give your engine a short rest by putting it in neutral. It also mentioned that by shutting the car off at that same stoplight (ie, 30 seconds at the stop or longer), you'd save engine wear and gas consumption over the other option of letting it idle, the idea being that starting the car is equal in engine wear as to letting it idle for thirty seconds. A slight tangent but still relevant.
  • Just to clariffy... My question is refering to manual transmission.
  • It can save clutch wear or transmission wear on a auto, as well as brake wear at stop lights, but i dont think you get better mileage, as you lose speed when you do this, and have to use more fuel to accelerate back to that speed.
  • Very bad idea don't do it. Aug.16 2017

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