• IDK. I took one of those IQ test and they can be a different score everytime based on 1 answer that you might have answered wrong.. I feel Obama is probably at 125 or higher.. GW.. I question his greatly.
  • Ruling an empire requires more than IQ. Most importantly, it requires wisdom.
  • Superior !
  • SO does Britny Spears. Another Bullsh*t advertisement.
  • "Nowhere on the Internet can anyone locate Obama's IQ score. His college transcript from Harvard is not available and I cannot locate his GPA, his SAT score or his LSAT score or any other tangible proofs of his IQ score. However, after doing a lot of research, these are the facts concerning Obama's LSAT score while attending Law School at Harvard University. We do not know his actual LSAT score; however, after much research, we found that the average LSAT score for all Harvard students is 171."
  • It would be quite incredible sorry but I don't believe that info. Cheers to you.
  • It makes me feel like laughing. LOL!
  • Personally, I doubt that either of them ever took a real IQ assessment. The internet versions are ridiculous
  • Like the advertisements are wrong
  • I think they just write that so you think, "George Bush is that smart? I KNOW I'M SMARTER. I MUST TAKE THIS TEST." I would be thoroughly surprised if George Bush had an I.Q. over 100.
  • I said this on the other question but ALL the advertisements say basically the same thing: "[Insert famous person here] has an IQ of 125! Are you smarter? Take the test". I really doubt that obama, bush, sarah palin, britney spears, and j-lo all have IQs of 125.
  • Glad that I have 1 more point than either of them.
  • Every single one of those ads has said the celeb's IQ was 125. I've also seen Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, S. Palin, etc. I think they just use 125 indiscriminately.
  • It doesn't matter one way or the other. The number has no relevance..that just represents potential. It ain't whatcha got, it's whatcha do with it that counts. If true, so what? If not true, so what? "The decider" could have an I.Q. of 200. So what? That just means he was smart enough to know better and didn't do better..that just makes everything worse doesn't it? If his I.Q. were 80 that would give some reason for his leadership failures..if it is 125, then what a waste. :(
  • I place no value in it, whether the numbers are correct or not. I'm more interested in common sense anyway.

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