• Who knows what I'd do in such a terrible situation. People act irrationally when in danger. I want to say I wouldn't, but I might. Or maybe I'd let it eat me. Who knows?
  • No, I'd lookfor grubs and barries,some plants are edible also!
  • absolutely not.
  • If it's a matter between life and death, I would. I just hope I have a St. Bernard and not a chihuahua.
  • Exactly, in that state of mind you probably wouldn't care about anything.
  • People do strange things when push really comes to shove. I read Aron Ralston's book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" wherein he cut off his arm to save his life (after being trapped by a boulder for several days). So while I could say no I wouldn't eat my dog... the fact is, out in the wilderness, anything could happen. I also just wrote an article about finding water in the wilderness, so if you get stuck out there, at least you can look for water while you're weighing your options...
  • No, I would not.
  • Well no, because that would only really keep you going for a couple mor days, and i would rather loose those two days and have companionship. Also, my pet is a cat, so why i would e stranded with him out in the woods I don't know, but he's a pretty good mouser and always brings them back to show me first.
  • Yes, of course, without a second thought. If it was a choice of me dying, or eating an animal, I'd eat the animal. I don't want to sound heartless, I love my pet, but the human instinct for survival is the strongest one we have.
  • Noooooo...there's lots of stuff to eat in the wilds without killing my dog, cat or question would be....would Hannah eat ME! She's a pretty mercenary dog! lol
  • My dogs are 112lb German Shepherds ,well they were, both heavier than myself , I would like to see one of them let me kill them to eat Difficult situation but I honestly do not believe I could. it would be like eating my child ,I would die together. Though I have seen the strength of the will to survive so maybe some people could and if I were in the situation ,who knows. What good is the meat with no water
  • Then again...I did find this photo.....(not anyone I know!) lol
  • No,I could never do that,I am a big softy,my heart far outwieghs my stomache.
  • Not enough meat on his bones to warrant it, except for a last resort. I would be wishing my parrot was a female though, so at least I could have an over easy. It would just be difficult to eat something that talks to you.
  • I'd starve and die or I'd let them eat me.
  • yes i would have to eventually
  • I can't honestly answer. I have never been in that situation to know how powerful my survival instincts are. I haven't been even close. Though, considering that on average I only eat a sandwhich everyday anyway, odds are my pet would die long before I do. Though, I think my dogs would be able to get a squirrel or something. Though, I would be terrified they would eat me. So, I probably wouldn't eat my dogs and also even if I would I probably wouldn't live long enough to get the chance.
  • Hmmmmmmm? I wonder what roasted Bulldawg would taste like?.... Probably like chicken.
  • here, Kitty kitty.....
  • If you're in the wilderness, and there are plants, there is plant life to eat, and no need to resort to murdering another creature to survive.
  • no i would not , for 3 resons here. 1) iam a vegan 2) i hope that iam smart enouth to know what it is that i can eat and what would make me sick . 3) there are tons of things in the wilderness that man can eat to substain his or her life. there has not always been food stores.
  • No, never but I have two English Springers known for their hunting ability. They could hunt, I would cook it. :)
  • Yes, if he doesn't eat me first
  • No, never. Plenty of edible plants.

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