• Rub Tuna all over you, LOL.
  • Don't hit them with your car! I ran over a cat once and didn't want to leave it in the road, so I went back to move it. It was still alive! So I took my jacket off, wrapped it up, and drove home with it on my lap. Her eyeball was hanging out:/ There were no houses near where I had hit her and she wasn't wearing a collar. So I took her home, shot her up with some of my Grandma's morphine, let her sleep it off for 3 days, and she was fine. Never did find her eye after that, though. I named her Lucky:) She hates me!!!!! Loves everyone except me! I guess she remembers the accident! :(
  • Cats are a weird breed - they do what they want, when they want to!
  • Cats have distinct personalities so you have to take that into account, to bond with your cat you have to spend time together and give them pats when they want and my cat loves kitten milk, ;0)Meowwwwwwwwwwwww
  • First, stop anthropomorphizing your cat. Cats and dogs are not tiny, furry humans. They are cats and dogs, and they do not feel "love." They have an entirely different set of emotions and reactions which are no less valid than our own, but "love" is not among them. Dogs, for example, are pack animals. They can express loyalty to a pack leader, loyalty to the pack, and even willingness to share resources with other pack members for the good of the pack. All these behaviours are perfectly good doggy qualities and make for a good doggy; but they are not love, and people who mistake these for love are doing both themselves and their animal a disservice. That said, the obvious answer is that you can't make your cat "more loving." It's not a primate, and it doesn't feel love. If you want your cat to show you more affection, then you're going to have to think like a cat and do some reading on cat behaviours. From what I understand, the small wildcats from which housecats are descended are highly territorial and not especially social, unlike some of the larger felines. In order to entice the cat to show more affection, you'll probably have to make the connection between your presence and positive experiences such as feeding and playing more clear to the cat. That means you should be the only source of food, and all toys should be removed except when you are present. Simple positive reinforcement will teach the cat to associate you with comfort and survival, thus encouraging the cat to keep you happy.
  • You can't "make" a cat do anything. They are aloof by nature. Be calm and quiet. Take care of the kitty. When you least expect it, your cat may decide to show you some affection. If it feels like it! That's the best you can do!

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