• Nope, i dont think so, thats one of the reasons they get neutered
  • Yep... And they might to mark something as theirs; if you have dogs, they may go where the dog went; if you're in a rental, they may be marking where another animal went; or if you have more than one cat, they may in the litter box to keep from "squatting" in or near the others' ... "duty". (We had a neutered male cat that instead of squatting during the last part of the week, before we cleaned the box, he'd STAND at the edge of the box to pee.)
  • I've heard they can, but neither of mine has ever sprayed (even though one is fairly territorial and we have dogs).
  • Yes and so can a spayed female cat.
  • Yes they can
  • Yes, they can and will. It is best to have them altered early -no later than 6 months- so they do not develop the habit. Once thy start it is so very hard to get them to stop.
  • Yes they can and will especially if you have females that are still coming in heat.

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