• Yes, I knew one guy but I think he got some medication and then he dropped out from my sight. He was vexed for a long time and the last time I saw him he was calm and then haven't seen him in about 4 years now.
  • No, but I use to know this guy who liked it when I was. The more angry I was the more he got off, and he wonders why he was kicked to the curb?
  • Doesn't everyone know someone like that?
  • I used to be like that, but not anymore
  • I new some guy who had something wrong up there and every time he stirrs people up and then they got angry so he got angry. He is better now but he has some (Lots) of bruises on his legs lol
  • Yes. What an exhausting way to live, really.
  • A couple of people on this site for starters. :)
  • Yes more than one person. They seem to like to make it their normal demeanour.
  • I know a few people like that, but not many. They seem to like carrying a storm loud overhead.
  • Some family members
  • Yes, my moms neighbor who also happens to have reverse prejudice. I think people who appear to like being angry, feel a sense of empowerment. How sad is that?
  • Yes. Mostly young men. Angry young men. Anger is their default mood and expression. Anger with anything and everything. I try telling them being happy is better.
  • Honestly... Sometimes I do enjoy being angry. Brooding and angst ridden too at times... But that is the writer in me. It is my process... You know? What I had been used to for most of my life so it was my comfort zone for so long, sometimes it is my first impression, my initial impulse and my go to reaction. I had to cultivate right action in myself on purpose. It was hard, but I know when to hold it in and when to let it go and in what ways now. I wasn't raised in a loving understanding way, I learned it all on my own.
  • Ah yes...he even has what he calls "a burning ember of hate" that he "carries around" with him.
  • A very few in real life. However, there seems to be quite a number of unhappy or angry people on Answerbag who insist on proudly advertising it! Not to mention all those poor, psychologically traumatized trolls out there as well.
  • yep my neighbor..she's always mad about something. If she's not you can bet she's just saving up to take it out on someone all at one time. She seems to have a good life with kids, etc but she's never happy. How miserable she must really be and there are several here on AB that LOVE to be angry and will always DR you for something or be rude and let's not dare ask them to smile or have humor.
  • yes so i try to stay away from them.:)
  • haha my dad now that I think about it lol :)
  • Yes, my late Grandmother. She loved to be angry, to be hated and to talk bad and hated lots of people she had to deal with or just got to know. She had some kind of personality disorder, probably initiated because she was a victim of abusive relatives who raised her.
  • Yes. Someone who start fights by being provocative and then blames the other person every time.
  • Yes, my mother, its like she looks for things to get angry about...sometimes its hilarious!
  • Yup, myself. Anger is an emotion, and its one of the best. Sometimes i get bent out of shape about the most ridiculous things but i love it cause its me and I'm not hiding it. I don't hurt people or throw things so in a way its just a side of me i show and express. There is no harm in me being angry cause its who I am (sometime) Why do I like being angry you ask. cause a lot of people don't like to be and I like to separate myself from everyone else.
  • Don Rickles has made a career of being angry.
  • yup people at my skool i think they think it intimidates people or something

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