• No, and thank goodness I'm not. I have lots of things to do: thesis, book report, scrapbooking, oh, and yeah, I will be returning to work after a two-month leave of absence.
  • You mean like playing World of Warcraft more hours in the week than I actually work? Like reading websites about the game while I'm at my desk, and calling my wife at home to discuss in-game issues? Like not having a social circle outside of the game? Uh, no. I can quit any time. I swear. I just don't want to right now. Actually I can't. I'm the guild leader and people are counting on me to tank tonight. Besides, it's only a problem if my home life suffers right? Well, my wife is our main healer so our home life would suffer if I didn't log in. Oh yeah, we have a kid. Well, he plays his game while we play ours. He doesn't know it but he has a WoW account too. lolomgwtfbbq!!!1 Maybe some day once he can potty train himself we'll let him play too. Wait, what was the question? Hooked? No. Not at all.
  • I am pretty hooked on NHL09 and you can play that online. =)
  • Nope. I am hooked on Answerbag at this moment.

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