• Hi Keysha...the media doesn't help any...Indeed...give the guy a chance!
  • I agree, there's a lot of sore losers here.
  • It's called freedom of speech and it can be a pesky little thing if you don't agree with it. Do you think if McCain had won, all of those who supported Obama would quietly support McCain with no complaints or political disgreements?
  • They can't help themselves, Keysha. That is simply who they are. Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • I have this feeling he isn't going to keep his promises.
  • It takes time to resolve problems that have plagued our country for years. Obama wants to do this overnight and its just not working. no one wants the healthcare package, no one wants our troops in Afkanistan and no one cares what the presidents wife wears. OUR country is becoming over run with illegal immigrants and the Feds are doing nothing about it. Need i say more?
  • It is a little ironic that the Conservatives would be slandering him. Read Romans 13. From a Christian perspective, God has appointed Obama in this position through his authority. This does not mean that everything Obama says will be right, it does not even mean he will be a good president, but we are told we need to respect and obey his authority.
  • The sore losers are going to be slamming him through both of his terms.
  • A year later it is apparent why he was being slammed. He will most likely end up being one of the worst presidents of all time. We would have been better off if Clinton were elected.

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