• 1.your screwed if there's a flood could sink 3.there's a furniture limit could fall off the railing and drown 5.its gonna be a liability to walk to Bunnings every now and then for a gas cylinder 6.what if your power generator fails 7.MFB might have trouble hosing your house-boat 8.MED can't get to you if your gangplank on the boat 9.MPD can't get to you if your gangplank is on the boat 10.your engines could blow up leading to problem 7
  • Advantage: you could wake up to a different scene every morning and in case of a fire, you have plenty of water. Disadvantage: you need to work so you'll likely be stationed in the same spot plus you can't do your gardening there.
  • If you dont like your neighbors you can pull up anchor and go to the otherside of the pond.
  • ...well i can't swim so that's kinda obvious <.<
  • Good: Nice view, you can fish whenever u want, no can find you if you wnat to hide, Bad: Seasick, hurricane, smaller(usually)
  • Should be fun, unless you're a sleepwalker! Heh!
  • PROS - It's almost always quiet. Your neighbors have much in common. It's like camping-out everyday! Change your neighborhood, but not your house. No lawn maintenance. Cons - Extra maintenance due to the constant high humidity.
  • I had a friend who lived on a boat. His biggest complaint was that EVERYTHING was always wet. Your breakfast cereal will be soggy, your stamps will be stuck together, your underwear will be clammy, etc. etc. Also it got very cold in the winter. Dampness always makes it seem colder.
  • Advantage: You could move your house out of harm's way in the event of a hurricane. Disadvantage: Last I heard houseboats didn't come with super-duper motors, so it may be tough to outrun a storm if you can only make what, 5 knots??
  • A houseboat is just a trailer that can sink.
  • 3-28-2017 Advantage: you don't pay rent or property tax. Disadvantage: you are on a boat, and everything in your life is always wet.

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