• Upon visiting the Goth family home in "The Sims 2," you will find Mortimer, Alexander (Mortimer's and Bella's son), and Cassandra, but no Bella Goth. If you read the neighborhood summary for Pleasantville you will find that aliens abducted Bella. Bella Goth is a townie in the Strangetown neighborhood. If you look in the storytelling folder, you will find pictures of Bella and with other members of the Goth family. Maxis has released a patch for "The Sims 2." The patch makes it very easy for players to find Bella. Bella has reportedly been part of the welcoming community for newcomers in Strangetown. The Bella Goth that arrives in Strangetown has no memories of her family. The real Bella Goth still exists in Pleasantville. One way to get her back is to a transporter from Simlogical. Just be sure to back up your game first. From:
  • Go to the Goth family, then I recommend you use the agesimscheat on ( type it just like that) so Mortimer is the same age as Bella. Then you type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true ( type it just like that) into the cheat box ( to get the cheat box to pop up you press ctrl, shift, and c at the same time.) Then you hold down shift and left click on Mortimer. Left click on spawn. A lot of stuff will pop up but left click on Tombstone L and D. A grave ( tombstone) will pop up. Left click on that and choose Add neighbor to to family, keep scrolling down until you see Bella. Left click on Bella and she will be back! But one more thing and this is important. If you got out of the game Bella would be gone the next time you played it. So you have to kill her, to kill her you hold down shift and click on Mortimer or Bella. Then you click on spawn and click on Death Creator. Make sure you're controling Bella and then you click on the grave that pops up after you click on Death Creator, it will then show you ways that Bella can die. Choose one. Then after she dies and the grim reaper is gone type in another cheat in the cheat box. It is unlockcareerrewards ( type it just like that) then you go into the career rewards and get the Grim Reaper phone. Call the grim reaper and then it will show you people that you can bring back to life. Click on Bella's pic and give the grim reaper 10,000 dollars. Then Bella will come back to life and will be there the next time you play!! So have fun and I hope it works for you!
  • La la la, i tried this method, but once it came to calling the Grim reaper, there was no Grim Reaper phone in the career rewards. What do I have to do in order to get this object? And yes, I did use the cheat to unlock all the career rewards. thx, polkadot
  • Well,there are two bella goths.The fake one lives in strangetown and here is how to find the strangetown one: First create a family and move them into strangetown.After you are done building the house,put the painting of bella on the wall for a better chance she will come.Wait and eventually she will come on your lot.The real bella got lives in Pleasantview.To find this one open the cheat menu. you can spawn her back to the goths house! use the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true hold shift and leftclick your sim and choose spawn, tombstone of L and D. click the tombstone of L and D, choose add neighbor as family member and choose bella! if you want to marry her, drag both relationship bars to 100 and kiss her then propose.

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