• Florida. Oklahoma is a great team, but they have a habit in the last few years of losing the big games.
  • I am going to say Oklahoma!! It should be a good game!
  • I think it'll be Florida for two reasons. The Sooners haven't seen a defense like the Gators' playing in the Big 12. Second, and more important, the Gators are playing like a team possessed; they have championship tunnel vision. In the words of Jeremy Piven: "they can see the trophy behind a three foot thick lead wall, Superman can't do that." And we all know, Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida. I think the SEC is still the overall best conference in college football.
  • Tim Tebow of course sooners dont have a chance.
  • Oklahoma! Their defense is finally coming alive even though our 1st and 2nd MLBs are out. Nobody can stop or offense much less get to Bradford with such a big/experienced O-Line. Even though they have lost several big BCS games in a row, this time they are the underdog. They play much better in that sort of scenario with everyone doubting them. Tebow is going to get his, but it won't be enough to outscore the Sooners!
  • My guess is going to have to go to Florida. but either way it's going to be a good game.
  • I'll make a wild guess, the one who comes in first?

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