• There was a freak on here the other day asking all sorts of sexually charged questions about women's arms, culminating in a request to be permitted to "you-know-what" on someone's arm!(Won't say in case I get dr'ed on this "clean" part of the forum...) Eeeeew. Takes all sorts. Three hours and no answer to this question? Come on guys, are you all shy all of a sudden? Cant wait to read the answers. lol
  • Least? I honestly don't think I can come up with something I don't like. Even naming a favorite is pretty difficult, but I think I have to go with boobs. Unoriginal I know.
  • I like boobs the most
  • I love a womens thighs theres just something about a women wearing a skirt that has that little slit to side that shows a bit of her thighs that drives me crazy ;) Dont know if i have a least favorite part as all of a womens body is soft and has sexy curves :)
  • I enjoy all parts of a woman....every bit is quite fabulous.
  • Her brain. If it is in the right mood, anything goes. She will invent things to do, places to go and how is the best way to do it. The least thing I like in a woman, is her Brain. Once the honeymoon is over she can become the devils advocate. She will go out of her way to make things difficult, invent stories about things that will worry her man. She will spy on neighbours, go through her mans wallet, gossip about everybody in the street. Yet, we (poor buggers) put up with all this coz we luvem.
  • I Love Shapely Legs - I don't know the part I like the least, I can't take my eyes off her legs.

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