• Create situations where you will be in her presence. But don't be overly obvious about it. Like if she is in a particular club, join that club- Or if you know people in the crowd who she normally associates herself with, associate yourself with those people. That way while you are getting to know them they will eventually see to it that you meet her. Overall you cant show that meeting this girl is your underlying motive. When you begin to make contact with her be calm about it.. be almost non-chalant about your true feelings about her.. and when you deal with her directly, keep it strictly business/organizationally related. That way she does not instinctively put up her defenses.
  • I think you are asking an impossible question. Be yourself, be nice to her, be a gentleman etc and then you will have to ask her out eventually. But your going to have to face your fear of rejection.
  • Tie yourself naked to the hood of her dads car and refuse to move ...
  • Ask them out for a soft drink.Talk to them about their interests,people like to talk about themselves.This breaks the ice.
  • Pay her a simple honest compliment. Tell her her hair looks nice or her necklace is pretty etc. Probably best when no one else is around to prevent giggling! Don't hang around though or it may get awkward. Offering help is always good too. Be interested in the same things as her, maybe join a club she's in. But don't stick to her like glue!
  • Be yourself and you'll find someone. I would only want my partner to be his-self or else whe wouldn't be the person I was attracted to.
  • A. Tell her she looks nice B. Be nice to her C. Respect her D. All of the above, and more. Seriously, be yourself.
  • 1. Be likable. 2. Meet a girl. ... you can NOT "make" her like you ...
  • Be friends with them (do stuff friends do), then be lovers.
  • There are so many answer to this question in the Relationships Category
  • Ignore her.
  • My answer would be talk to her and make her laugh don't be nervous or act cool to make a girl notice u. boys always do that to me but i date neither of them.
  • Play hockey. xD Girls love hockey players.
  • good body language. keep your chin up, shoulders back and move a little slower. if you have no idea what im talking about then watch a few bond films. also hold eye contact and wait for her to look away. youll get a lot of smiles. to be noticed in a bar or club approach the no1 most beautiful woman. then the 7th most beautiful will show interest.
  • Being fairly successful in my life so far I have developed a system to solve this problem. Number 1: Without being too obvious look around and find out what kind of activities that she does. (If they don't match your intrests, it probably means that you should move on) Number 2: Start by trying to include yourself in her life. Be it in school in clubs try to sit at least 2 seats away from her or closer. Number 3: Pay attension to your hygenie that is always a big turnoff if that is bad Number 4: Do kind and thoughtful things to her. Be it helping her with homework, or carrying her books, man up and do it, trust me the girls love it. Number 5: In a thoughtful way ask her out for the first time.
  • Most people who either are seeking a friend or a lover who say to you to forget-it usually have been in your situation. Maybe they didnt try very hard or were just lazy-who knows? Dont be to obvious but you can compliment the girl about something nice you like about her/ like her clothes or someone else you noticed that she likes. It might take a while; but if you can get her to talk to you--then thats a start and you are doing acceptable things. Most girls dont like pushy-guys/ but some do--so it's your decision what kind of a girl you seek. What the girl likes is a big part of the answer here. So relax and just be naturally you and hopefully it wlll all work out for you.
  • 1. Hang around her.(Not to much) 2. Talk with her. 3. Don't be shy. 4. Find a mix that she likes between Yourself and the person she wants. 5. Unfortunately if she doesn't like you don't go for her.
  • ask her to help you with something
  • Wear a high-visibility t-shirt. 😄

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