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  • I wouldnt date someone who had no ambition in life, and I am frankly suprised at the number of women who will, such as my sister for example.
  • been there, done that. thank god i didn't end up with any of those losers. my answer is no.
  • It would depend on why he didn't work. When I was younger I would've said, "of course, I'm not that shallow." But I married a guy who was unemployed and didn't have a thing to his name. I kept thinking that he'd get a job and try to help out, especially when I got pregnant. I thought I could change him. Big mistake! After I divorced him, he never paid child support because he still didn't work! He just mooched off of people until they got tired of him. Be careful of guys like this - learn about their past.
  • I MARRIED someone who is poor and doesn't ( read "can't ) work. I am a happy camper! : )
  • I'm older and wiser now ... so my answer would have to be no to the guy with no job.
  • I'll date someone that is poor! but a person who can't spell the word [work] just plain laziness then "No" there worthless.
  • honestly no. ya may sound bad right, but it WILL create problems in the future whether you want it to or not, if one person gets unemployed it's more of a comfort knowing you can pull of sime money for a while. it may be tough to get a job but if you really wanted to you could find some sort of job.. it's not about being a golddigger. i would just want to be stable in all aspects, that includes financial issues.
  • Poor is one thing...too lazy to work is another. I would date a poor guy, but not a lazy one. :D
  • Yes, depending on their situtaion is. Poor yes I am. the doesnt work depends. if they are going to school the YES. If they are just lazy then no.
  • Poor yes Don't work because can't or won't : no don't work because studying: yes
  • Your question refers to the past tense of that person's circumstances and implies that the situation is now different , so why not date this person?
  • being poor doesn't mean your too lazy to work...I would marry someone who is poor because they can have a lot of potential just not the oppurtunity to succeed
  • Sure, if he was a good person. Probably not if I was looking for a meal ticket.
  • I would date someone who was poor, but not someone who deliberately doesn't work. I would date someone who is out of work if that was beyond her control (e.g., lost her job). It depends on the person. If she is kind-hearted and a good person overall, yes. Before I got married, my parents wanted me to marry a girl from a well-to-do family, so it would "match" me. But that girl did not interest me very much. They were dismayed that I picked a "poor" girl for my wife, but in the end I picked the right one!
  • poor yes cause I am poor and you cannot often help the circumstances you were born into or that fate has put you in. As for not working..depends on why. If he was on disability or something yes but just too lazy to I have been there I have done that and I have had to pay for everything. I have no problem paying my share of things but I refuse to pay for someone who is too lazy to work and wants me to take care of them
  • I want a stay at home wife to raise the dozen kids so sure as long as she was intelligent and industrious.
  • Depends on what you mean by doesn't work. I do a variety of different kinds of jobs and freelance work from home. Some people interpret that as not working. Others don't. I make just enough money to get by, and I have to scramble to do it. Some people interpret that as poor, some don't. So, I would date someone who is poor and doesn't work like me! :D
  • Poor, sure. If they choose not to work, though, no way.
  • I did and (hanging head in shame), I married him. After we were married I found out his side of the relationship was based on lies and that he had been diagnosed with a mental illness years earlier and was collecting SSA, SSI and food stamps. He couldn't tell the time of day without lying and throwing tantrums. The poor excuse of a marriage happened well over 20 years ago and only lasted 8 weeks. I learned not to be so trusting or to give another, the benefit of the doubt so quickly.
  • I am not doing any business deal with some one!So it doesn't matter....
  • hmmmmm...probably not. However if they looked like you I might reconsider.
  • Lazy no, but a poor with a golden hearth is better than a rich without any hearth.
  • as long as they werent a two timing scumbag I wouldnt care!
  • I have dated someone who didn't have a job...but he did have a job when I started dating him. There is a lot of people out there now w/ out long as you can see they are trying to get a job; you know they haven't lost their ambition.
  • a poor person or someone who is out of work is not a prerequisite for companionship ----- or so i hope. merry xmas to you
  • nah.......
  • I only date poor and jobless...Who else would waste time with me?
  • I suppose, it depends on why they don't work though.
  • Well. At the age I am, loads of people still don't work. Which means were all a little bit poor. So yes.
  • Poor yes, doesn't work no.
  • I dated someone I loved truly for 7 years and I think out of the duration of our relationship he only worked maybe a year or 18 months!!! That is what destroyed our relationship was his lack of contribution to our family!! I am much happier now that I am only supporting me and my son.
  • Ummm I would date someone poor...but the jobless thing depends...if they are jobless because they are lazy then definitly not but if there are circumstances behind them not working then yes
  • Yes I would!
  • no i would not. we wouldnt have anything in common and my parents would f*ing kill me.
  • The way the economy is going those will be pretty much the only kind to date.
  • NO, I'm poor myself.. so NO NO NO
  • It's not all about the wealth and riches. If you love someone then you should be with whom makes you happy.
  • Poor..yes. As for the not working, that would depend on the reason. If they were disabled of out of work for reasons beyond their control, yes. If they didn't work because they were lazy and expected someone else to keep their asses up..NO.
  • If he was poor yes but if he didnt work i wouldent date him i dont want to have to pay for everything because i work.
  • being poor with money does not mean poor on other attributes. one can be rich in character but poor due to lack of opportunity/luck. one can be rich in money but poor in character due to many factors. If one has money it is best to not reveal, until you are sure the other person likes you for right reasons. if you do not have money, let them know, but also stay true to yourself, if they like you it will be ok.
  • I would date someone that was poor because I used to be poor. I think you have to start from somewhere and it might not even be that persons fault for being poor under certain circumstances. If he didn't work I would have to consider the reason why...if it's because he's just being lazy then I would ask if he is planning to look for a job and if he has no intention of looking for one then I probably wouldn't be interested in him.
  • Definetly poor. Because he can alwasys become rich or middle class. But that bum of a guy would never work.. im not one to carry the load of the realtionship
  • i would. but thats not what im seeking you know what i mean? i dont date people based on what they can give me or not give me.
  • This song is how I feel on the matter: I'll never get a woman.
  • depends on why they didnt work

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