• Only if you do me one first, pull your lip over your head and swallow!
  • Yes I will. But not until the second Tuesday next week.
  • "If you do one for me first!" "I'm going to have to start charging you for all these favors." "I don't bestow favors on men I'm not sleeping with." Maybe the best strategy IS to beat him to the punch -- start asking him to do you favors. BTW, congrats on being acknowledged as the Brain you've always been!!!!!
  • Hand him a party favor.
  • This one is really cold so only use it if you really don't want him to ask you to do anymore favors and to probably speak to you in general. I used to do this in college all the time. Just say sure and ask what is it. Then when he starts to explain right in the middle of his request, without saying a word, just turn around and walk away, out of the room if possible. He will feel so many feelings at that moment. Then for the climax, go back and say sorry about that but I had to use the restroom. "What was it you wanted again?" you ask him. Then he feels better and realizes you just had to go to the bathroom, he will start to explain his request again, and again just like before just turn around and walk away. Now if he is hiring ranking than you, this could be a problem.
  • I would say, "I am sorry, I don't have time. I have too many things right now I have to do for myself and work, etc." or You could say, " You know these favors all cost $100. each and I bill people monthly." Smile, but maybe unles they are really dense, they will get the drift.
  • 'I could give you a million favours love, but it ain't gonna help you' whilst shaking your head slowly and sympathetically, then walk away
  • You could say: 'You know, I can't. You've used up all your favors from from me and in fact, the way I see it, you owe me about 43 favors. Please do the first one now by doing your own work today. I will let you know what else you can do tomorrow.'
  • Only if you promise never to ask if I will do you a favor ever again.
  • If you gave it your best shot - then you'll need to report them - it is called harrasment ----- A snappy fix isn't going to work anymore - That will just keep it going
  • "...well, I can, but I didn't say you're going to like the results." Then half-ass it, and hopefully you're done doing favors. =P
  • Say, "What's it worth to you?" Also saying yes and simply not doing it ...oops I forgot....darn, what was that
  • [Boss's name] has me completely swamped right now but what do you need?
  • I always say 'Depends on how much money you have. My time and effort does not come cheap.' If they ask how much money, I say 'You can't afford it.'.
  • just start asking him to do your filing and paperwork and to return your voicemail...and then ask him if he'll come in on Saturday because you'll be sleeping in and can't make it.
  • have you tried asking him why he can't do it
  • If the favours are in relation to his job then maybe he needs to find a new job. If they are personal favours then he should leave them till after work. If the man doesn't get No then , well your screwed. I would simply tell him that it was time he stood on his own two feet for a while.
  • "I do you a favor everyday. You still work here, don't you????"
  • 1) How may others have you asked? 2) I'm your co-worker not your parent. 3) I might if you are willing to watch my dogs and cats for three weeks while I'm in Europe. 4) I can't. I have to pick my kid up from _________ practice. (fill in the blank) 5) Sure, just sign your pay check over to me then tell me what you want.
  • I dont know what you mean by "favor" but I get annoying coworkers all the time I think it is best to pretend like they dont exist but that hardly shuts them up it happens all the time some coworkers of mine are morons
  • ''Yeah, I'm not gonna do your work. In the long run, that's a favor yo...''
  • i'd say yes and then i wouldn't do it...when asked, i'd just say i haven't gotten to it yet. eventually, he will learn that you are not going to get around to it...and he will stop asking.
  • You know John I do u so many favours my boyfriend is getting jealous Sure! May I ask is it business or pleasure? That will be 2055th favour, not that I'm counting, how can I help you this time?
  • Say, we need to talk. Sit him down and say "I have my work to do, you have yours. Do ME a favor and quit asking me to do YOU favors. Understand? Then make him repeat it back to you to make sure he DOES understand.
  • Put on some rubber gloves and tell him you'll pull his head out of his ass but it's the very last favor you'll do for him.

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