• Is there any real reason to do this? I can't see the point personally, it wastes time in which I can be doing more interesting things instead.
  • i like bananas, apples, oranges, horses, cats, dogs, carrots, cell phones, flowers, trees, cows, pigs, rice, bamboo plants, paper, pots, math, dog food, cat food, horse food, pig food, cow food, my lap top, my chair, my bed, my sleep, ...etc lol jk i dont like half those things and certainly not animal food, but a sentence with lists of words that dont use the letter u can go on forever!
  • I don't think this type of engagement, whether it is for comedy, or boredom, or ignorance, is appropriate on a website where people need to have their problems solved. Kidding. Peace.
  • In my opinion, the game proposed is not that enticing given that I have never seen feedback in thy activity by not giving comments or points to anyone. Hey, no u back there, what do you know...
  • The letter between t and v in the alphabet is far more important to a British person when he is writing than it is to an American, because we don't spell color and humor that way - we have the letter that I can't employ in this sentence immediately before the last letter, and my spell checker has indicated that those two words are not spelt correctly.
  • I certainly do believe that there are so many sentences that do not contain the letter stated! can anybody name a word that does not contain any vowels?
  • Bug. Crap, can I start again please?
  • When the clock strikes ten, it's time to get started on homework rather than eat marshmellows.
  • When the clock strikes eleven, it's time for roasting marshmallows and forget all the homework till the weekends over. (sorry I am a copy cat)

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