• I would still give them points for their answer unless they're jerks.
  • I will never DR anyone. I wil always give at least 1 point as a TY for answering my question and then either leave a comment that says TY or just not leave a comment and move on. If they TOTALLY disagree, nothing I say is going to change their mind and will probably just start a argument so sometimes things are better off not said or not saying anything but I never DR for opinions disagreeing with mine.
  • Everyone has a right to their opinion. That never stops me from giving full points. If I strongly disagree, I will start up a respectful comment thread and hope for a courteous, helpful exchange. I don't downrate because that is just my policy. If an answer is incredibly mean or lewd, it can be flagged as offensive.
  • I award points.
  • I'll award them the full points if they make a good case. I save the DRs for people that are trying to be shocking (which they never end up being actually shocking).
  • I give points whether they agree with me or not. If they are nasty about it, I usually just ignore them, on rare occasions I may leave a comment, but I don't downrate them.
  • Sometimes I'll debate,but I still give them points even if I don't agree with their completely misguided and wrong answers.Lol!
  • We are human beings .. in all our diversity. It's very likely as we come into contact that we'll have contrasting views, opinions, traditions. Even if we live in the same house, we may "totally" disagree. So it is here at AB as well. We will disagree from time to time. -- If someone takes the time to think about and respond to my question, I give them points as my thank you acknowledgement. -- That is so NO MATTER if I agree or disagree with their answer. -- Notice that's not only NO DR ... it's awarding points .. even if we disagree. -- I'll likely start up a comment thread re: the answer. Often more is clarified, added, learned in comment threads and they can be quite valuable. -- If someone disagrees but in addition to that --- does so in a way that makes it disrespectful, a personal attack or something that makes the answer over the line? Then I won't DR. I'll flag it. But that was for the WAY it done, not for the data or opinion itself.
  • I give the points and either thank them or don't comment. I wouldn't DR the answer. It's not my place to put someone down for their opinion.
  • Well i have awarded points to every person who has responded to my q, i don't mind discussing things and don't mind if someone has a different opinion as long as they are not rude.
  • I speak my peace kindly and try to resolve it, but that isn't always possible. I then walk away no need to waste my time.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I'll give them points for answering usually, unless it's rude, but I'm not going to argue with them.
  • I don't give points to the answer if I don't agree with it, and then I proceed to point out why it is wrong. If it is an embarrassingly stupid answer, then I downrate it. I think that's fair.
  • There are ways of disagreeing without being disagreeable.
  • I either give points or not, and I ignore all forms of trolling. I don't down-rate yo...
  • I will give them points, how much depends on the effort they took and how clear they were in their response. I would never DR them for being different. If I asked for an opinion, I'm ready to hear something other than my own view or else, what's the point of asking?

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