• Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs can conflict. You should only have one Anti-Virus program, however you might be able to have multiple anti-Spyware programs. You seem to be fairly well covered, however I would suggest you take measure to prevent some bugs reaching you by downloading an ad-free-hosts file: You also need to keep your computer updated (windows updates) and have a good firewall. :) Ps. You might like to install Spyware blaster and Super Anti-Spyware too.
  • You don't need to do anything else. But as nevets said, it is important to keep all your software and Windows up to date.
  • You need one anti-virus program, and two or three anti-spyware programs. Keep them up to date. Run the anti-spyware programs at different times. More than one anti-virus program will clash with each other. BUT you left out the most important program. A FIREWALL, is your "first" line of defense on your computer. Just type free firewall in your search engine, and many will show up. I have been using the FREE version of ZONE ALARM for many years, it is the best free firewall on the market. Good Luck..
  • AS THEY SUGGEST 1 virus only, but 2-3 spyware program, just run them 1 at a time when checking for problems so they will not conflict with each other and yes a firewall, zonealarm works really well here is the list I use myself and suggest to customers SIMPLE STEPS TO DOWNLOADING VIRUS & SPYWARE PROTECTION (& steps for protecting PC) For XP AVG FOR VIRUS PROTECTION AVG anti FOR SPYWARE, MALWARE, ROOTKITS BOTH FOUND AT or go to yahoo and enter in search box - AVG VIRUS PROGRAM 1. FIRST STEP GO TO YAHOO AND TYPE IN: AVG FREE DOWNLOAD 2. CHOOSE THE ONE THAT SAYS :AVG FREE ADVISOR - FREE ANTIVIRUS AND ANTI-SPYWARE DOWNLOADS (should be about the 3rd one down) CLICK IT (avg-anti spyware is also for mal-ware and root kits- this one also works in safe mode F8) 3. ONCE THAT PAGE OPENS YOU WILL SEE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF PAGE FREE BASIC PROTECTION AND A ORANGE BOX THAT SAYS DOWNLOAD, CLICK IT 4.NEXT PAGE OPENS YOU WILL SEE PRODUCT COMPARISON, GO TO THE ONE ON THE FAR RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM, SEE WHERE IT SAYS FREE AND ANOTHER ORANGE BOX, CLICK IT 5. CLICK CONTINUE TO DOWNLOAD ANTI-VIRUS DOWNLOAD ONLY, CLICK THOSE WORDS 6. NEW PAGE OPENS WITH DOWNLOADS ON IT, SEE THE ORANGE BOX AGAIN SAYS DOWNLOAD NOW AT DOWNLOAD.COM AND YOU ALSO SEE 5 RED STARS, CLICK THE BOX 7. LAST STEP, NEW PAGE OPENS, CLICK THE DOWNLOAD NOW BOX AND WHEN THE NEXT BOX OPENS CHOOSE SAVE TO DESKTOP AND LET THE DOWNLOAD BEGIN, SIZE IS 31.45MB ONCE YOU DONE WITH THIS FILE MOVE IT TO A FOLDER IN MY DOCUMENTS IN CASE YOU NEED IT AGAIN Now for your next layer of protection download the following also but remember you can only run one program at a time, but each of these will fine things the other didn’t. Spybot search & destroy found at DOWNLOAD SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED THE YOUR SEARCH BAR IN YAHOO 1. IT WILL LOOK LIKE: SpyBot Search and Destroy (S &D) CLICK 2. CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE - EXAMPLE ENGLISH 3. AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE WHERE IT SAYS DOWNLOAD - CLICK 4. LOOK DOWN THE PAGE TO WHERE DOWNLOADS START, YOU NEED THE FIRST ONE IF YOU HAVE VISTA AND WORKS FOR XP AS WELL SpyBot-Search and Destroy 1.5.2 CLICK DOWNLOAD ***NOTE (For those who are looking for version 1.4 it’s the 5th one down, it does not work on Vista, but does on XP) click download 5. NEXT PAGE OPENS CHOOSE A MIRROR SITE I TEND TO USE SAFER-NETWORKING LTD CLICK DOWNLOAD HERE 6. BOX OPENS CHOOSE SAVE AND DO SO TO YOUR DESKTOP OR TO YOUR DOCUMENT FILE AND OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE FILE IS 9.27MB Superantispyware found at SUPERANTISPYWARE DOWNLOAD ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED YOUR SEARCH BAR IN YAHOO YOU WILL SEE: AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware CLICK 1.LOOK FOR BIG BLUE BOX ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK 2. NEXT PAGE SCROLL DOWN, AGAIN LOOK FOR THE BIG BLUE BOX SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK 3. NEXT PAGE DOWNLOAD SHOULD START AUTOMATICALLY 5.64MB VERSION 3.9.1008 ****NOTE (if it doesn’t start at once look at the top of the page for a light yellow bar, its basically a security bar, click and choose allow, it usually has to do with Active X) If still does not open look on the page under the words Download progress: If the download does not begin shortly please (click here is in blue) Click it 4. DO SO AND A BOX OPENS, SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE And finally go to this web site for this program to clean up your internet history, cookies, browser history, recycle bin, IE Explorer, etc all the boxes can be preset and basically in 4 steps you can clean computer. It does so well that disc clean usually only will find 32-100MB after its done go to the freeware section, look for Internet Cleanup, then look for the software called IE Privacy Keeper IE PRIVACY KEEPER DOWNLOAD WHEN YOU TYPE WWW.SNAPFILES.COM IN YOUR YAHOO SEARCH BOX THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE WHEN IT OPENS Snapfiles - software reviews, download freeware and trial programs - CLICK 1. WHEN THE PAGE OPENS LOOK FOR A TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE THAT SAYS FREEWARE - CLICK 2. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN AND FIND INTERNET CLEANUP TOOLS - CLICK 3. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN TILL YOU SEE THE PROGRAM SHOULD BE LIKE ABOUT THE 14TH ONE DOWN - CLICK THE BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON FILE SIZE IS 1128kb 4. NEXT PAGE OPENS IF DOWNLOAD DOESN’T START LOOK FOR A LIGHT YELLOW BAR AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, CLICK THE OPTION TO ALLOW TO OPEN, USUALLY HAS TO DO WITH ACTIVE X ***NOTE If for some reason still doesn’t start click the blue words click here they are in the middle of the page in tan box. 5. WHEN THE BOX OPENS SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE. Last but not least do Defrag at least 2 times in a row even if program says not needed, as XP Defrag program isn’t the best and needs to be run more often. And also go to for free registry repair programs GLARYULITILIES DOWNLOAD GO TO 1. WHEN PAGE OPENS TYPE IN THE SEARCH BOX - REGISTRY REPAIR PROGRAMS - CLICK GO 2. LIST WILL OPEN, SELECT THE SECOND ONE - GLARY REGISTRY REPAIR (ITS FREE) CLICK IT 3. NEXT PAGE, YOU WILL SEE A RED ARROW AND DOWNLOAD NOW IN BLUE WORDS - CLICK 1.30MB 4. NEXT PAGE BLUE BOX DOWNLOAD FREE REGISTRY REPAIR NOW- YOU CAN CLICK HERE BUT REAL SLOW (works on 98, XP, ME, 2000, 2003, Vista) just not 64 bit supported 5. For a faster download click where it says - mirror here 6. NEXT PAGE IF IT DOES NOT START IN 5 SEC LOOK FOR A SECURITY BAR, WHICH IS LIGHT YELLOW AT TOP OF PAGE, CLICK THE OPTION TO ALLOW IF FOR SOME REASON IT STILL DOESN’T USE THIS OPTION: LOOK FOR THE LINE THAT READS CLICK HERE IF IT DOES NOT 7. BOX OPENS SAVE TO DESKTOP OR TO MY DOCUMENTS AND OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE or to and to their freeware section to find them also. (can only run one virus program at a time on a PC but you may have as many spyware programs as you wish as long as you run only one at a time, and only one firewall) A GREAT FREE ONE IS ZONE ALARM FOUND AT under the freeware section, personal firewalls.
  • I will give you short piece of advice. Use one Antivirus, one Antispyware and one Antilogger. If you can not buy any Antivirus, its OK to have AVG free. If you can buy, buy Norton Antivirus 2009 or BitDefender AV 2009. Along with this use Antispyware like PC Tools SpywareDoctor and Use Zemana Antilogger. This all will cost you around 80 bucks but if you are very well familiar with Internet, you can get these all free of cost. Goolge it, you can get professional version free of cost.
  • I think you need only one best antivirus product is enough. Some of the best free antivirus software are 1. Windows Bitdefender 2. Norton 3. Kaspersky 4. Comodo Antivirus 5. Panda Antivirus 6. AVG 7. Avast 8. ESET
  • You are probably ok just keep them up to date and scan often.

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