• No, but at the same time yes. The air in the universe never changes. Its all matter and the matter is the same. One the other hand we have polluted the air in our 0zone so in a sense we are breather much darker, dirtier, and heavier air.
  • Not the same "air," but probably some of the same molecules.
  • Perhaps not the same molecules, but referring to air in general, from the same body of air...yes.
  • No. But you are inhailing at least one atom that they inhailed. Every six minutes. This is a fact.
  • I'd say probably not. The air that your ancestors breathed was exhaled as CO2, consumed by plants, and then returned as air. I guess it's gone through that cycle many times in what's probably a changing atmospheric ambiance, so that even if you live in the same place that they did, it's not the same.
  • Absolutely. You are breathing their farts too, even at this moment...
  • eeek, that was long past the date,gotta pay for new now you know, what do the big boys call it....ah yes, tax!
  • Not unless you are standing in an unopened tomb.
  • Yes, most likely. There's such an immense number of air molecules (N2 and O2) in each human breath that -- even when mixed thoroughly throughout the volume of the entire atomosphere -- every breath you take (pretend each molecule has a little id tag) contains molecules that were also breathed by Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, and every other person you could name in history, including all your ancestors. Though not strictly guaranteed, the statistical probability is so close to one that it's a practical certainty. This calculation was done many years ago and is well known.
  • NO, every 1500 years the planet goes in for an overhaul and as well as topping up the rivers and volcanoes, the air has to be replaced tp stop it going stale. You can tell when it's about to be replaced because it doesn't crunch properly when you bite it. No one likes stale air.

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