• A bad coil wouldn't even fire but it wouldn't hurt to have it tested. If it is fuel injected, it could be the injectors, or even a clogged catalytic convertor. Also check the distributor position vs the harmonic balancer position. Or maybe the valves are shot. Could be a lot of things.
  • Get a new mechanic
  • That is easy enought to check, with the motor off pull one plug wire off and put an old spark plug with the outer electrode removed, into the wire. while holding the metal part of the plug against the engine or any metal attached to the engine, with insulated pliers,MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO EXTERNAL FUEL LEAKS!!!. Now have someone crank the engine over for about 5- 10 seconds, or until you see spark. If it sparks it is good, if not it is not working. This model does not have a distributer, it has two coils mounted down on the right side of the motor. Easy to get to thru the right wheel well. If you have one or two plug wires not firing it may be a bad coil. One coil fires two cylinders. Do this test with each plug wire. If they are all firing then you have a different problem than coils. Let me ask you this, Was the truck running ok before the timing chain replacement? if so I would go back to see if the timing chain is installed and timed correctly. If the chain broke while it was running, I have seen this a number of times, then its possible you may have tagged a valve or two and will have to do a valve job. Do a compreesion test first to determine if one or two cylinders are low( get specifications from a repair manuel) or if they are all low.
  • I have been having a similar problem, but I haven't had the timing chain replaced. It starts fine, runs fine for a while, and the begins to sputter after about 5 minutes. Massive horsepower loss, very consistent missing. Slight backfiring when allowing engine to spin down from higher rpms. Replaced plugs and wires. Any ideas?
  • I have a suspicion that the timing belt is off one tooth. It will run this way but not good..Leave the coil alone.. Is it a chain ofr a belt?????Either way I think it is out one tooth.....
  • The 2.2 has a timming chain and two gears a crank and a cam gear, they must be linedto the timming marks and remain that way when the chain is put on, the chain is not put on properly. engine is out of time, there is no time adj on the 2.2 engine ,it is done at the timming chain and gears, get repair manual from parts house and read the proper way to change timming chain and gears, coat appr $19.00 make sure it covers 96 2.2 chevy S10

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