• Take a needle and burn the end with fire (lighter, stove,etc...) stick it in alcohol for 1 minute to sanitize and burn again not much you could melt it out of shape, stick it in the skin hot and it goes straight through, and pops it. It hurts but I am sure that infection hurts alot worse, I hope this helps you and I am sorry you have to suffer.I have had them too, and you can get over the pharmacy counter medication, don't know the exact name, but it used to be called black saab, and it is tar, which is very good, try that also for a few days. It will bring it too a head real good. I have used the needle before and I am fine now, no infections, just trying to help whatever seems easier for you. Cause I know from real experience that when you go in to haver one lanced, Because of so much infection, the pain numbing medicine that is in shot form will not work, cause the infection eats at the medicine, I got 10 shots all over mine and it hurt like holy butt, and then the doctor came in and realized she still in pain, so she had 15 people in, holding me down while she raw cut me. and that hurt sooooooooooo bad. I wish that upon no one, but this is my experience, so do what suites you best, but evveryone is right you need to do something and quick.
  • Don't play with this! Staff can be extremely dangerous! If not attended to it can spread to your blood stream. If that happens you become what is known as septic and it is DEADLY! Many die every year from staff. My Father just spent a month in the hospital from staff that he had on his scrotum . He was left with a 4x6 inch incision where they cut it out because they mistakened it as a herniated bowel. (whatever that is) Don't play with this - you risk it getting worse.
  • With an infection that big, and knowing it is staph but not knowing for sure that it isn't MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staph) there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can safely do yourself. Let your doctor handle it. If you try to treat it yourself you could end up dead.
  • dont screw around-mrsa can be deadly-take it very seriously
  • Get straight back to your doctor. Your doctor needs to give you a course of antibiotics and will need to refer you for lancing. It is an abscess filled with pus which needs excising and draining in a sterile environment with anaesthetic. DONT do this yourself. You could end up with cellulitis or septacaemia. You may need the wound packing daily afterwards to allow it to heal. A staph infection is serious - it naturally grows as part of our skin flora but when your skin barrier is compromised it can colonate an area and cause infection.
  • These are serious!If you want to drain them,soak your feet in hot water for as long as you can stand it.This will soften the skin and cause the infection to come to a head.Then you can press it and cause it to open and drain.Are you taking any antibiotics? If not,get to the Dr. and start some....
  • you probably need to do what your doctor wants you to do

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