• This is really a delicate situation and will take time to get over. But letting him know and getting closure will help. Talk to him about how you feel and get his input as well by doing that you both have no harbored feelings. With everything off of your chest you will be able to breath even if he doesn't not feel the same way. That should be the first step. Let me know if I help at all.
  • Then just let it go,sometimes it takes letting something like this go,for the other person to see what they are missing out on. And how did this happen in the first place if you don't mind me asking.
  • Let him go and find yourself someone better. There's no point in being jealous. You might have loved him, but you weren't meant to be together if he found someone else.
  • You know i'm goin thru the same onli without the child part buh jealousy is getting the better of me n i hate it..if your ex loved u as much as he sed he did he would come running bak to you at the first chance he got n if he hasnt then reeli ask yourself is he worth it? take your mind off him completly find something new to do or better still use your child as your strength to help you move on and trust me it will get easier i no how hard it is to watch the one you love, love someone else but theres nothing you can do about it so leave the past behind you and walk towards a better future.
  • i wouldnt waste my time thinking about him if hes not wasting his time thinking about you

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