• Squealing is a normal sound for a guinea pig, hence the name "pig". They are not in the pig family at all, but rather more closely connected to the rabbit. They squeal for several different reasons. 1. When excited, usually around another guinea pig of the opposite sex. 2. When they are hungry. They know how to get your attention. 3. When wanting attendtion, again to get your attention. 4. When scared or threatened. It's part of their defense mechanism.
  • He wants you to stroke his butt.
  • hi,if your opening a bag of its food or some other bag theylll go crazy,my guinea pig does this,it means gimmme some im hungry and if you walk in after being away for a ewhile that means your back and im happy to see you,guinea pigs are very sociable animals theyre sad,when youre gone and go ape when you come back.

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