• When a guy walks into a bathroom and see's chicks.. he runs out. I think this dude lingered.
  • duh, thats unfair even if that is a bit disgusting. are you sure he went in on accident, or was he a pervert?
  • I wish I knew more about the story. Did he leer, or did the women inside over react? Some women get upset/uncomfortable even if a little boy/toddler is brought in. Given that it was Walmart, there is probably a higher likliehood that the women in the ladies room were more sassy and less mature. I've accidentally stepped into the womens room (I wondered why there weren't any urinals), one time a friend told me that he accidentally used the womens room (not realizing until he was leaving, and another woman was entering.
  • depends on the situation most likely. there's a big difference between deliberate and mistake. i have been to men's bathroom deliberately before, several times in fact out of sheer need to pee but then nobody even batted an eye over it:P
  • Depends on if it was a mistake or some gross pathology.
  • I think we need more of the story....I've used the womens when the mens was full and I was in a hurry...(one person washroom only) and nobody cared...In parts of Europe washrooms are unisexual anyway.
  • i dont think they should arrest him if he did it by mistake
  • thats crazy since it was an accident
  • Maybe it wasn't a mistake. And maybe there were other circumstances involved.

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