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  • Unfortunately the only thing that mends a broken heart is time and plenty of it. The best thing you can do is throw yourself into your work or hobby and try to take things day by day. With every week the pain will lessen (even though that seems imposible right now!) and eventually you will wakeup and realise that you're completely over him. Hope that helps!
  • Hope to meet someone else who feels at least as good or better as soon as possible...
  • chin up! it'll get better
  • Well u cant just stop loving someone but to get over him just keep thinking about all the wrong he did to u when u want to call him just think about the worst thing hes done to u, Just go on with ur life its not easy but it will get easier as time goes on time is the secret to help u get over some one. Just dont get into another relationship til u get over this guy. good luck
  • One of my favorite quotes is this: "hold your head high soldier it ain't over yet. That's why we call it a struggle-you're supposed to sweat." Find some one better and you'll forget about your ex.
  • There is no particular way to stop loving someone just try not to think about it and eventually you will think about it less at least (thats my experience anyway). Peace

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