• a friend in need is a friend indeed so i do agree
  • I definitely agree. Even the best romantic relationships always begin with a solid foundation of friendship, in my opinion/experience.
  • I think if lovers are each other's best friends, that makes a perfect relationship. What better way to be friends than to love each other more than anything else?
  • Yes definitely
  • Yes. Friends are better than family as they're in life of their own accord and because you were born into the same bloodline. True friends can do the unthinkable and will stand up and support you where no one else will. They will also dare tell you to your face what no one else will either so they keep that check and balance in place
  • Yes, very much so. They keep me sane.
  • in the end thats all you are.
  • i think parent/child relationships are the most important
  • I usually tend to think in reverse negative terms... Meaning I think that the polar opposite side of everything is often more important than the positive side because it actually values the good. Thats why make-up sex is always fan freaking tastic!
  • The most important person in your life is your spouse and if you aren't friends then you rally have nothing in common. That would suck, big time. Somebody would just be a user and somebody would just be used. Possibly works in both directions when you think about it.
  • I agree. Friendship is the MOST important relationship because it lets you explor throughout the relationship and it tells you how well you get along with ppl.
  • For me the most important relation is "family"... the relation between parents and kids, kids and parents.
  • Because it really is the one true thing that a human being can give to another human being!!!!
  • I think the most important relationship you have is with yourself. You must be honest and true to yourself before you can be so to anyone else. If what we are talking about only refers to interpersonal relationships, than I will agree. Like Bullfrong said, we need to be friends with our S/Os because they are so important in our lives. There needs to be friendship before there is more.
  • Yes, I agree. Real friendships based on mutual respect and kindness are one of the most important relationships. The friendship relationships within the basic family unit take priority over all other relationships.

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